Killer Clans

Killer Clans

As two rival clans vie for dominance in a martial world where loyalty and honor can be bought and friends become enemies, a peerless swordsman (Chung Wa) discovers that the only thing truly worth fighting for is love.

Two clans compete for dominance over the martial arts world in this classic of violent swordplay and political intrigue. A complex tale of deception and double crosses. Killer Clans leaves ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Killer Clans torrent reviews

Steve G (au) wrote: Interesting movie, ambitious scale, not sure I'd have gone to see this if it wasn't part of our SVA movie class.

Denae B (ru) wrote: The end of the world is because we run out of gas. I could see SOME people going berserk but not the WHOLE planet! The Rovers were an interesting set of people, this movie could have been made better I think.

Darren B (ru) wrote: Amazing film set in Bhutan - would love to visit this place after seeing this film. This film for me shows that life is about people rather than consumerism/materialism.

Ben C (ag) wrote: Strictly for kids as if it was made by a kid.

Andres R (ru) wrote: Through my Spanish classes in high school I was forced to watch this movie at least 6 times so naturally I hate this movie and Edward James Olmos.

Josh M (es) wrote: You know what you are going to get with a title like this, but I still expected something better. Surf Nazis lacks the B-movie charm that most cult classics have.

Tony L (nl) wrote: Excellent vietnam war film. Powerful performances. The only film i like cage in.

Tom B (nl) wrote: Blood Freak'n A (SPOILERS) Now, let's make one thing clear right off the bat, this is not what one would call a good movie. This is CULT. If bad acting, shoddy directing, awful effects and the usual stuff that comes with this fare doesn't immediately turn you off, then tune in, turn on and drop to the floor in fits of laughter! If you're the type to take a movie like this too seriously (or serious at all) then keep walking Jack, cause you're not gonna dig it in the least. Soooo, here we go! Things start with a burly biker named Herschell (who looks like the love child of Elvis Presley and Conway Twitty) riding down the highway and happening upon a God fearing girl (named Angel... subtle) having car problems. He gives her a lift to her sister's place and they walk in on a super swinging 70's drug party. Angel's sister, Ann, gets the instant sweats for Herschell, but he's diggin' on Angel. So what does Ann do? She decides to turn him on to weed (yeah, the hard stuff). The problem is, Hersch doesn't get down like that. So Ann plays the old "You're a coward" card and the only thing Herschell hates more than drugs is being thought a coward, so it's puff, puff, pass! Dude, don't ya think it's kinda cowardly to let someone bamboozle you into doing something you don't want to do? Well, he lays Ann afterward, so it's all good. Angel hooks him up with a job at a turkey farm were it appears he doen't have much to do but throw turkeys from one cage to another. But mystery lurks within the confines of this farm. Chief among them is some weird experiments being performed by the 2 most awesomest scientists EVER, Lenny and Gene! I mean, Gene looks genuinely scared to be on camera. Lenny's not much better, but Gene kills me! He stutters and looks shook as hell whenever the camera is on him. They offer him a bunch of pot if he'll take part in their experiments (oh yeah, it might help to point out that after one joint, Herschell became a total junkie for the Devil's Weed). I've seen this movie a whole bunch of times and I'm still not sure what the hell these experiments are or what they're supposed to do to enhance the already pleasurable experience of eating turkey (unless you're a vegetarian). So, he agrees and starts pounding down tainted turkey like it's the last meal he'll ever eat (no doubt aided by a super case of the munchies). Would you like to guess what happens next? That's right, he turns into a Tukey-monster with an insane lust for the blood of addicts! Or rather, a guy in a f'd up papier-mache turkey head with an insane lust for red paint that comes shootin' outta poorly placed squibs. Turkey-Hersch goes about his bloody business picking off junkies (and one old man who didn't appear to be any threat to him). Finally, a couple of Ann's friends (who look like roadies for Grand Funk Railroad) catch up to him and give him a hair cut with a big blade, real close to the shoulders like, which is intercut with a scene of a real turkey getting it's head cut off (charming). Why? Got me. I'm guessin' it was an affordable piece of shock value footage. At this point, Herschell wakes up in the woods and realizes it was all a hallucination (natch). He's found by the old dude that runs the turkey farm (who is named Tom... clever) and he calls Angel. She gets Herschell to beg forgiveness from God, just to drive the point home. Through his newfound understandings of His teachings, Hersch forgives Ann and a happy endingis enjoyed by all.... well, except for that headless turkey. Sounds great, huh? Well, I didn't even mention the best part yet... the narrator! This joker pops up once in awhile to do a little bible thumpin' and preach the evils of drugs... all the while, puffing on a cigarette. At one point (and I'm not sure this wasn't some sorta put-on) he suffers a coughing fit... I mean,on camera.... and nobody yells "CUT!"..... and it wasn't even edited out after filming! AWE-freakin-SOME! Not to mention all the other goodies like the camera man's shadow popping up in shots, editing that seems to be done by a 7 year old on acid and some dialog so inaudible that if you turned your t.v. up to full blast, you still couldn't make it out. Well, as the narrator would say, "Right on"! I know plenty of people wouldn't understand how anyone could enjoy a movie like this and wouldn't hear of the old "so bad, it's good" excuse, but it's harmless to enjoy it for what it is... which is, the best Anti-Drug/Pro-Religion/Turkey-Monster movie ever made! The Good: The freakin' narrator, man! He's too much! He's obiously reading his lines (and probably doing his "lines") off the desk infront of him, which he tries to cover by making it look like he's just looking down and collecting his thoughts or something. If your in the mood, you'll probably laugh your ass off during this flick. The Not So Good: If your not in the mood for it, this movie will probably seem like the worst thing ever caught on film. Acting is so below the bottom of the barrel, it's really not easy to describe. However, if you were expecting anything else, shame on you.

Jos M (ca) wrote: Humor negro britnico con un multifactico Alec Guinness.

Cain L (ru) wrote: Captivating, jaring, and great action scenes, but love triangle doesn't seem right for this film.

Jon Mikel B (mx) wrote: Definitely, this movie was one of my favorite movies from my childhood. This movie makes for the film a dark, gloomy and excellent result. The actors are not the best, but the job is acceptable. The visual effects for the eighties, are very good. I enjoyed this movie many times. This movie deserves largest cult than it have.

Yasmin E (kr) wrote: It was good :) sad though