Killer Eye: Halloween Haunt

Killer Eye: Halloween Haunt

When Jenna asks her four hot girlfriends to help convert an old mansion into a Halloween Haunt, they decide to party instead! Things get steamy between the girls, until they accidentally unleash the half-pint, horrible Killer Eye, a perverse party crasher from beyond. Bent on having his way, the Killer Eye will stop at nothing until he gets exactly what he wants.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:80 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:party,   mansion,   sequel,  

When Jenna asks her four hot girlfriends to help convert an old mansion into a Halloween Haunt, they decide to party instead! Things get steamy between the girls, until they accidentally ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Guillaume L (us) wrote: Bon bouquin, film assez nervant jusqu' son dernier tiers, plus intressant, car plus homogne et plus cohrent. Avant cela, juste une somme de sayntes plus ou moins drles ou russies, avec une voix off envahissante.

Jacobine S (it) wrote: Oops!!! Wasn't prepared for this. Very good film, good acting but a bit too violent for my liking.

Noname (mx) wrote: Yet another horror / thriller movie about kids which stands for that part. I saw Orphan a while back and that was a really great movie and then i bump into Case 39 which has a very similar theme. We have Renee zellweger in the main role and this is far away from her typical movies and it felt kinda strange to see her in this role. She managed quite good tho but it could have been better and that goes for the rest of the cast aswell except for the little girl. Storywise decent but Orphan is alot better if i should make some comparison.

Colin D (nl) wrote: Le cinma qubcois ne me surprend plus...depuis Bon Cop Bad Cop, CRAZY et L'audition entre autre j'suis dsormais autant un fan des films fait au Qubec ke ceux d'Hollywood et d'ailleurs. En tout cas, celui-ci traite d'une histoire vraie troublante et boulversante celle d'Aurore l'enfant martyr. Mme si on sait ce qui est arriv c'est trs frustrant regard quand on pense qu'une aussi horrible tragdie aurait pu facilement tre vite...

Maria C (jp) wrote: A mi me entretuvo y me genero un conflicto interno por culpa de la ETA y el ejercito, no puedo estar a favor de ninguno de los dos, o por lo menos eso me dejo esta autocritica..aparte de todo est el amor de mis amores .. Eduardo noriega papasito lo amo con toda mi alma ;)

Marilee A (br) wrote: Sad & Beautiful, one of my Favorite Julia Roberts Films

Conor F (jp) wrote: A mess storywise and plodding in places, but in the right frame of mind (i.e. after a few beers) it's still very entertaining.

Patrick P (fr) wrote: This movie left me confuzzled.

Roger D (ca) wrote: Doris Day and Rock Hudson made a few films together, this one is clearly one of the best romcoms of the 50's - 60's period, full of great comedy, sexual innuendo and double entendres. The pair let their chemistry take over and the support cast is also truly outstanding, especially Tony Randall. The only thing I didn't like was the very abrupt ending, there was still enough room to develop a few fine scenes. Were 100 minutes already too long for the producers ? 73%

Greg W (es) wrote: feels like another lost thin man pic but it isn't.

Official C (ag) wrote: This is one of the best superhero origin movies. The story is surprisingly very grounded in reality, with high-octane action sequences, allowing even non-comics fans to appreciate.

Carlos I (us) wrote: Oh jeez... what a scatterbrained mess. I was not expecting that. Definitely Spielberg's weakest effort. It's just too corny and all over the place. Shame to see such a great cast wasted.

Jeff B (gb) wrote: In this adaptation of a true story, there certainly are Hollywood moments or stretches into the fanciful. A bit cliche and predictable at times, but overall warm, heartfelt moments by the whole cast. Of course the real pull on the heart strings is when the bitterness between father and son disappears as life / death takes precedence. But there are questions. Would a rock star drive around in a bus with a huge picture of said star plastered on the side? Would a huge star stay at a local hotel striking up friendships with the locals? Many questions, but overall the acting was heartfelt and the production strikes an even chord. No classic here, just good, clean entertainment.

Ben B (fr) wrote: Shaun of the Dead stars Simon Pegg as Shaun, a boring man with a dead-end job and repetitive lifestyle which includes nightly trips to the bar with his fiance, Liz (Kate Ashfield), and best friend, Ed (Nick Frost). After a bad day ends with a wild night at the bars, Shaun and Ed wake up to find the world infested with zombies, and they join forces with others to overcome the threat.This British film is a bloody good time, mates. The dialogue is quick and witty, the chemistry is strong (especially between Pegg and Frost), and the film delivers both in an action and comedic sense. Even the morbid ending had some humor! Edgar Wright has always been a solid filmmaker, and this first installment in the "Cornetto Trilogy" stands as his rise to fame. His cinematography is very solid here as well; the sequences without any cuts to a second or third camera really stand out, especially when it comes to watching Shaun's two trips to the mart - one when everything is boring and fine, and another the morning of the zombie infestation. The editing (or lack thereof) really shines through the muck of zombie guts.For a comedy, there's a lot of heart to this movie as well. The character development of Shaun and company really hits home, and there are some interactions that really tug at the heartstrings (Shaun and his step-dad's exchange in particular stood out). Of course, this lends to the theme of dead and lifeless creatures resulting in Shaun "coming to life" in a sense, but that's a pretty easy idea to spot. The action isn't horrible here, either. There's a scene in the bar involving Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now" that I'll always cherish as cinema gold in a hysterical way.Folks, if you miss the days when comedies weren't super-delayed sequels nobody asked for, go give Shaun of the Dead a watch. It's slow at first (rightfully so), but you'll be in love with these characters come the end credits.Final grade: A-

Davide A (br) wrote: Nicely directed and acted, Wolf Creek makes you feel sorry for all the people who actually fell into this horrific nightmare.