Killer Nurse

Killer Nurse

He called himself the Angel of death but when the police department discovered that he was involved in over 40 deaths his name soon became Killer nurse in the beginning it was his story against theirs. Soon he gave up his version of the events and admitted to killing 43 patients in his care at St. Mary's hospital. Charles Cullen became one of the most notorious serial killers in the history of the US.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:80 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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He called himself the Angel of Death. But when the police discovered that he was involved with over 40 deaths, he name soon became Killer Nurse. In the beginning it was his story against ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Arlene S (ru) wrote: Visceral and surprisingly good.

Michael B (ca) wrote: Excellent collection of tales of 'out of the box' thinking. Top Banana.

Francis M (it) wrote: Ah yes, even though this won't really happen in reality, we still hope for other people to be happy. The acting is effective despite the language difference. It had me crying like shit.

Chris H (br) wrote: I adore this film. The more I've pondered on it and rewatched scenes, the more it's becoming one of my treasured favourites. I watched it as I'm working my way through all of Robin Tunney's films, and this certainly ranks among her best.The poster is misleading I feel, as it makes you think it's a full on chick flick, when it really isn't - in fact it's far more of a thriller, with hues of romance and a constant undertone of being an 80s homage (though the poster does make sense, as it's just another of the stalker's fantasy scenarios about Zoe).It looks like an 80s or 90s film, and doesn't look like it was shot post-2000 at all - which is an intentional addition to the homage angle I assume. The soundtrack here is great, as Taylor mines some of the best tracks from the decade (in pop anyway) and assigns them appropriately to some really great scenes.Once I worked out what the film was really about (her stuck under house arrest) and got an idea of where it was heading (ultimately her confronting her stalker and gaining freedom) I started to really enjoy it.The feel is all round fun, the side characters really well realised, and Tunney is really pretty in this (when her hair's straight) and just all round excellent.The stalker angle was brilliant and really well done. The way they kept his face always just hidden enough made him scary, all of his dancing alone and getting upset about having lost her was superb, and their final confrontation was great. It's cool that he's the radio DJ too, given the music-focus of the film. I bloody love all of his scenes, but escpecially the revelation one where Tunney realises it's him while he's looking up outside (the first time we see his face properly), set to Tainted Love.The scene where she has to run back to make it in time and shoves foot through the window and cuts herself is great too.The sub plot love angle with Blake Nelson was touching. Him taking yoga lessons to try to get closer to her was sweet. The way they tie it off with Nelson being guilty of obsessing/fantasising over her in the same way as the stalker is clever, as it makes him start to lean towards being as culpable and guilty as the stalker.Just a really great Tunney film that I highly recommend. Like its title, the film itself should be cherished more and actually made available to buy (but I managed hunted down and buy a copy).

Michael R (nl) wrote: GREAT .. Pepper & Jane capture the spirit of the M&M boys. Crystals passion and love shows through

Matthew S (it) wrote: The only real reasons to see this movie are Mia Sorvino and Michael Rapaport.

Luigia L (gb) wrote: really funny and entertaining, this the 007 sproof hollywood could never properly make.

I dont know w (ca) wrote: Looks like a classic.

Luinda L (nl) wrote: Enjoyable story with enough tension to keep you glued.

Gergely K (es) wrote: Az 1933-as King King k (C)szt'inek nev (C)hez fz'dik ez a szrakoztat r (C)mfilm, melyben egy tuds f (C)lt (C)kenys (C)gb'l sszezsugortja trsait, hogy azok ne lophassk el tallmnyt. A trt (C)net javar (C)szt a dzsungelbe jtszdik, gy a hihetetlen 1/4l zsugorod emberk (C)k k (C)nytelen az 'r 1/4lt tudson kv 1/4l a term (C)szet er'ivel is megk 1/4zdeni. A Dr. Cyclops korhoz k (C)pest el (C)g dinamikus alkots + k 1/4ln (C)lvezet n (C)zni a tr 1/4kkmesterek fantzijnak sz 1/4lem (C)nyeit.

Marina N (mx) wrote: The uniquely great aspect of this film is its look and feel. The greenish colors really create a raw atmosphere that fits the story. Both Keira and Mickey are good, yet don't succeed in making you care about the story and I think the story could have really made a great movie. I loved to listen to Macy Gray's "real love" when the credits rolled.

Luke C (es) wrote: Remember watching this film, when it came out. And thought it was okay.But it's a typical bad 80's film, Although it has some good 'Stars' of the day in it.

Santosh D (kr) wrote: cool movie with many turns, and an apocalyptic domino effect shaking the whole foundation of the english politics- couldnt believe it could be true- but had difficulty with the british tone!!!