Killer's Kiss

Killer's Kiss

The film revolves around Davey Gordon (Jamie Smith), a 29 year old welterweight New York boxer in the end of his career, and his relationship with a dancer and her violent employer.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:67 minutes
  • Release:1955
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:ballet,   dancer,   murder,  

As a man waits at a train station for his girl, he tells us about the recent past and we segue into a long flash-back. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Charles C (jp) wrote: Ever seen Horror Of Party Beach? No? Well watch that instead of this, cuz it's pretty much the same thing, only with slow moving, stupid slugs that you would have to TRY to get killed by. The main difference: Horror Of Party Beach had music and dancing, while Slugs has.....uh....two shots of nekkid people. That's it. I hope you like the dramatic musical score, because they use the same part every time, even when people are slowly parking. Aside from a few really good special affects, theres really nothing at all special here.

Max S (gb) wrote: Things I learned: 1) Lyme disease sucks. 2) A ton of people have it. And most importantly 3) Insurance companies, policy makers and a portion of the medical community are idiots.

Laurne B (us) wrote: Un bel hommage aux artistes et aux reve, rythme par les chansons de Cali, plutot excellent dans ses premiers pas de comedien. Une belle histoire pleine de poesie et de douceur!

Corey C (br) wrote: Entertaining, deftly written and very funny, surpassing what little expectations I had. (Not to knock this movie necessarily, but it's a sports movie, you know? Wasn't expecting much. Got a lot more.)

Matt M (br) wrote: a fair movie if i say so my self,but not a good enough movie that i went to see it.i watched this online. i was expecting a prison version of rocky which was what my friends where saying.Not even close.While its good i only give it a d or 6/10 for just unmemorable scenes and one fight in which both only get a few bruises here and there. i had no interest till i saw undisputed 2. score:6/10 or d+

Donovan S (ag) wrote: "Who am I to you?"The story of a large group of family and friends in their pursuit of happiness. Aside from one minuscule character, there is no negativity, cruelty or fighting in this film, which is what I like about it. Awesome cast. Salman Khan and Madhuri Dixit are awesome as always and Laxmikant Berde and Anupam do a good job as always providing comedy. The characters I were drawn to the most were: Laloo (Laxmikant) because he is such a convincing character. Rajesh (Mohnish) because he usually plays the villain. It surprised me how endearing he was compared to Jeevan in Maine Pyaar Kiya. And finally Pooja (Renuka). Her character was so wise, and brought so much life to the film. Even I was happy during her time on screen. There's only one song to me that stands out... Didi Tera Devar Deewana... the rest are mediocre, too long and repeated too often. Hollywood: 3 starsBollywood: 4 stars.

The Critic (br) wrote: A mixed bag of mildly entertaining and dull moments. Leonard Nimoy (surname credited as "Nemoy" here) served as producer and appears as a bearded ancient.

Christian H (jp) wrote: Mielenkiintoisesta alkukohdista saatiin aikaiseksi melko perinteinen slasher -tyylinen kauhuilu, 2 1/2p

Serge L (es) wrote: This is once rare time that I disagree negatively with both critics and audience. I didn't like the music and it was a large part of it. The story is slim but realistic and also a downer. Because the music was not so good and the people rather ordinary, we feel stuck in the doldrums.

Film F (es) wrote: All Star Cast Classic..Does it get any better than this?