Killer's Mission

Killer's Mission

Ichibei is assigned by Shogun Tokugawa to prevent the sale of a Dutch ships-load of rifles to the hostile Shogun Satsuma. On his mission he meets a cowardly Ronin who becomes his assistant, as well as a female spy and a female warrior...

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Johnny N (ca) wrote: Had all the makings of a good -- if not great -- movie but the lack of story made it fall flat. Strong cast, good special effects, impressive set but no story. Boring. Wu Chun showed a lot of midriff but his character made no sense. Decent fight scenes but quite a cookie-cutter wuxia film.

Bill B (ru) wrote: Despite its simplistic plot and fairly bog standard acting and ill fitting orchestral score this is still a watchable film about two men engaged in a cat and mouse chase accross a beautiful New Zealand landscape circa 1902 after the second Boer War which is a time mostly overlooked by cinema, each man looking for freedom and redemption and taking advantage of the other in order to gain the upper hand. If given more effort this could've been Midnight Run set in the early 20th Century but this sadly doesn't hit the mark.

Tina T (jp) wrote: '?'--!!

Greg W (de) wrote: period piece rife with cliches

Robyn N (fr) wrote: Its as if David Lynch has directed a unique, psychological thriller/western that oddly develops on the soggy plains of Copenhagen. "Terribly Happy" is a relentless and expressionless film noir, and may be the best pseudo-western that Denmark has ever sent our way. The plot nudges us to laugh at things that aren't funny, except they are, because we're not that hapless schmuck doing precisely the thing he shouldn't do in the exactly the wrong town. The setting is a remote Danish burg that's as bleak and crummy as most of its residents. Robert (Jakob Cedergren) is a Copenhagen police officer who transfers to a small provincial town to fill the position of the mysteriously vacated Marshall. He wants to be the good guy, but the citizens have their own ways of dispensing justice, and besides, there's a skeleton in Robert's closet - he's been in trouble, and his new assignment is a kind of banishment. The townspeople are a gallery of surly grotesques living in fear of the town bully, Jrgen (Kim Bodnia), who habitually beats his wife, Ingelise (Lene Maria Christensen). She shows Robert her bruises and scars, and comes on to him. She wants his help and then doesn't want it - she's one confused woman. We don't know who's telling the truth, and neither does Robert, who is advised to look the other way. Of course, he doesn't. Opportunities for compromise abound. Robert's big city temperament makes it impossible for him to fit in, or what to make of the bizarre behavior displayed by the town's people. As the storyline unfolds, it grows increasingly desperate and darkly comedic. The unease is undisguised, and you, like Robert, will fight it at first, but eventually be forced to accept it and just give in. Director Genz is perfectly paired with cinematographer Jrgen Johansson who captures the essence of trepidation and misery. To call this a dark comedy may be misleading because you won't be laughing out loud, but the humor keeps an unnerving undercurrent. An offbeat modern noir, and an unusually compelling portrait of a town that has its own sense of justice.

Guilherme N (gb) wrote: Beautiful picture, touching characters, very well produced. Finally a lesser rounded character for Amy Davis.

Jesse F (ca) wrote: Great performances and marvelous direction with a great story and sympathetic characters, Black Snake Moan is one of the best films of the year.

Katrina L (jp) wrote: This one surprised me!

Jennifer X (kr) wrote: So lush in a completely surprising way, but the story is boring. The best scene was when the servant guy rapes Gong Li in the sorghum fields.

Margarita S (us) wrote: This movie is big and bombastic and perhaps surprisingly, quite cynical. It's one long metaphor constructed out of loosely connected individual scenes. There's a lot going on and viewers have plenty to think about and look at. Although it succeeds as a bigger picture, it doesn't really find the right balance between being a bigger picture and a more accessible one about a family in a community.

Jared B (jp) wrote: Within the first few minutes of Manborg, I knew this would be a truly special gem totally worth the $3 I spent on it, and honestly, I wish I could pay more for it. This movie deserves any and all love it gets. It is an utter fever dream thrill ride through the nostalgia of over-the-top 80's movies with a healthy dose of absurd humor that left me and my girlfriend nearly crying with laughter. If you enjoy this, then I heartily recommend Kung Fury as well, which is completely free on YouTube. Have a nice day! - Jared.

Yash B (jp) wrote: The movie does one thing right, and that's make you laugh. Sure it's pretty much the same story done all over again with a little less charm than the first time around but it makes up for it by being funny. It's a little recycled but it works almost as well with funny characters and situations and it's a fun little comedy that is better than what you might expect from a comedy sequel.