Killer Toon

Killer Toon

A series of murders resembling Ji-yoon’s horror webcomic drawings occur and detective Ki-chul unravels the terrifying truth of the comics himself.

Killer Toon (Murder Foretold) is a film about a series of murders by a blood-thirsty killer made with inspiration from the work of a famous comic writers on the Internet, parallel to the survey debunking of such cases of Lee Ki-Cheol inspection. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andrew R (fr) wrote: Has absoutely no relation to the book. Painful to watch. Should've called it "Middle School and Shitty Memes".

Robbie G (au) wrote: almost like evil dead meets lord of the rings. It was pretty cheesy but epic at the same time

Asif H (es) wrote: How did the man who directed `Ishq Vishq` and `Fida` produce this rubbish? Ken Ghosh lost the plot with this one.

Vicki M (gb) wrote: I loved Meg in ths role. But that is about it. The rest of the movie was eeehhh.

Mike R (fr) wrote: I won't claim there is a revelation to be had watching it, but I will say that there are images stuck in your head and a mood that's hard to shake from watching it. Mostly uncomfortable.

Muntasim T (it) wrote: The first Cuban movie to receive Oscar Nomination for Best Foreign Film, it examines very important issues of tolerance, freedom of speech and friendship without becoming pedantic. The 3 leads are marvellous. A worthwhile view for anyone interested in Latin American Cinema, or quality cinema in general.

Vampire Gorilla (de) wrote: I absolutely love this movie. You can't go wrong with this one.

Andrew I (it) wrote: One of the most boring, long-winded, miserable films I've ever sat through. This is like a 'warts and all' documentary of peasant life around Bergamo in the early 1900s. The pig killing scene early on, totally spoiled it for me, but without that, it was still hardly the most riveting of films. Avoid.

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Najd G (it) wrote: You're not watching this for fine acting or a sound plot. It's just dumb fun, and considering a cast that includes Arnold, Hartman, Sinbad, and Jake Lloyd, you can't lose.

Alex M (mx) wrote: I watched "The Boy" right after watching "The Witch" with a couple of friends. The two movies couldn't be more different and the impact of watching them back to back may have contributed to my negative reaction to this movie. It was like watching "The Godfather" then "Analyze This" back to back.Reasons for hating this movie:1) Terrible plot. Who wrote this stinking pile of manure?2) Terrible acting. I love Lauren Cohan in her role as Maggie on "The Walking Dead", but she can't save this movie as she is surrounded by terrible actors.3) Lazy writing. The director goes for jump scares and a ridiculous twist that doesn't pay off.4) That stupid doll is not scary at all.5) The ending was frustrating considering the lazy, horrible twist. Are they seriously considering a sequel?Run away fast from this movie and watch "The Witch" instead.