Killers Are Challenged

Killers Are Challenged

When a trio of scientists who have discovered an alternative energy source starts dying mysteriously Bob Fleming goes to Casablanca to solve the mystery.

When a trio of scientists who have discovered an alternative energy source starts dying mysteriously Bob Fleming goes to Casablanca to solve the mystery. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Thomas W (es) wrote: Kristen Wiig (Bridesmaids) takes on yet another (thankless) role in Hateship Loveship in an effort to prove that she is much more than a SNL-alum comedienne (we mustn't forget she actually has an Oscar nomination for writing)only capable of garnering laughs and guffaws at her antics and pratfalls. I believe Wiig is a respectable actress (comedy is NOT easy) but she hasn't found the right role (yet) with which to break-through and Hateship Loveship is not going to be that film either. Playing homecare worker Johanna Parry, Wigg is a shy woman with few frills -- she keeps to herself and does her job. When she is hired by an older man (Nick Nolte - Warrior) to watch over his granddaughter, Sabitha (Hailee Steinfeld - True Grit), whom he is the primary guardian of, Johanna finds herself the unknowing victim of a rebellious teen prank which leads her to believe Sabitha's father (Guy Pearce - Memento) -- a recovering addict -- is actually interested in her. The cruel stunt somewhat backfires as Johanna and Sabitha's father strike up an unlikely friendship and Johanna finally begins thinking for herself. Hateship Loveship isn't a bad film, it is just a slowly unfolding one that some might not have the patience for. Co-starring Jennifer Jason Leigh (Georgia) and Christine Lahti (Swing Shift), Hateship Loveship is a watchable film with decent acting but not one that is overly memorable.

Davey M (mx) wrote: Sweet-natured, but, for me, the weakest of the 2010 Oscar-nominated shorts (though it won). The narration got a bit obnoxious for me.

Dennis L (de) wrote: A very cute movie for adult audiences! Really enjoyed it!

Chad M (mx) wrote: Pretty good thriller, you might not see it coming..

Frances H (it) wrote: Something different for Kevin Spacey, and his singing voice is as good as his speaking voice, but although the dance numbers are nice and it is well put together, it comes off as a lesser All That Jazz.

Whit D (nl) wrote: Very enjoyable. Yet, also very cheesy. The camerawork was sometimes too soap opera-ish. Otherwise a fun flick.

Scott C (mx) wrote: I can't believe Sam Raimi made this. I love him and I love Kevin Costner, but this was just way too sappy.

Doug F (br) wrote: There are enjoyable aspects to Double Happiness, like some very realistic characters. It explores an immigrated Chinese family and the dynamics within that, which I'm sure an audience can connect with to some extent. However, the film suffers from weak dialogue and inconsistent direction. Like... suffers a lot.

Tim H (fr) wrote: Fangoria's first flick. An offbeat vampire tale. Not bad.

Jason K (br) wrote: I remember thinking this was good.....i dont remember any reason after rewatching though

Little P (au) wrote: only Smita could have carried of this role

Edgar C (br) wrote: Rumor has it this great follow-up to Elektra lost the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 1978 by one vote. The ones that know at least squat about movie appreciation do not give a flying f#ck about that. 86/100