Killing Ariel

Killing Ariel

One night, a female demon attacks Rick, a contentedly married man. Under the spell of the demon, he takes a beautiful young woman, Ariel, off to an isolated house for a weekend fling. There, bizarre and frightening things happen, and accidentally Rick kills Ariel. But she won't stay dead. He soon realizes that she is the demon that first attacked him. He defends himself by killing her again. And again. But no matter how many times he kills her, she keeps coming back

One night, a female demon attacks Rick, a contentedly married man. Under the spell of the demon, he takes a beautiful young woman... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ajayesh S (jp) wrote: This is a good horror flick (at least for the first half) and the second half is one of the best comedies you'll ever see (though the same is unintentional). The goings-on in the first half are really suspenseful and create a truly creepy/eery feel but in the second half, the director goes gung-ho with a homage to every horror flick known to mankind and the movie loses all semblance of realism whatsoever going into the land of the ludicrous. But all in all if you have a funny bone (and I have a very large one - no pun intended) you'll end up laughing your guts out. Hey, any which way you see it, this flick is absolute paisa vasool.

Monica G (es) wrote: A tough one, be warned! A niche film, not suitable for the blockbusters audience, but beautifully executed. Impressed to see that the director used real convicts to play in his film - the result is superb. Even the main character is not an actor. Whao! Won the Silver Bear in Berlin this year and was proposed for an Oscar foreign language film. AND it's Romanian! Yeaaaaay! I hope it will make it to cinemas all over Europe!

Lohan R (es) wrote: Such an intricate film, worth every moment, every second. So poetic, emotional and a story telling unfolding not in words but in images and emotion conveys by the actors that was not only artistic but realistic to anyone who has been is a similar situation... Sensationally sad, beautiful, hurtful and touching.

Frankie D (jp) wrote: Not as good as some of the others as the dance scenes arent too great, but channing tatums still a good actor, so from that point its a good movie. Still worth watching, but the sequels are better :P

MF J (ru) wrote: An excellent film about a very unusual subjet , Immigrants & organ traffic in London. Interesting, well written, well directed & marvelously acted this is a high class drama shot like a thriller. Very good.

Daniel D (br) wrote: *some spoilers in reviewMy rating is lower than what the general consensus says of this film, and yes I understand it's making a statement about racism and isn't just about an attack dog. The dog is gentle and sweet around loved ones but a total monster amongst blacks, like many racists. That's a nice message and all, but the film itself doesn't add up. There were minor details that I'd be willing to wipe off, but after a dog kills a man, the dog will be put down, without a doubt. That would not be simply covered up, and it doesn't make sense from any side to cover it up. Then into the more technical stuff outside the story, Kristy McNichols performance was painfully amateur, and the rest of the cast wasn't a whole lot better. Fuller as a director did a fairly impressive job, but as a co-writer he failed miserably in an attempt to make a realistic screenplay. The ending that attempted to be depressing, was predictable in a sense. It tried to hard in my opinion, but didn't let out enough.

John W (es) wrote: Someone told me once, that I need to watch this film.

David B (nl) wrote: One of the best early 70s vampire films. The film begins and stays in comtemporary Los Angeles where the Count played charismatically by Robert Quarry begins to prey on a small group of friends. Some very well staged shock moments and a great atmosphere add up to a scarefest that although only rated PG13 will leave a lasting impression. One of many downbeat films made in California around the time of the Manson murders. This is Quarry's first of two appearances as Yorga and he compares very favourably with Christopher Lee at Hammer. Thoroughly recommended intelligent shocks.

Lucie P (mx) wrote: If you've watched Ghostworld the musical which Enid is listening to in the beginning - it comes from this film! I've got to say, that the musical dance scene was my favorite. Yet, the following scenes are very slow and drag on. It doesn't progress until the group of seven get smaller and smaller. Their sent to an unknown location to die and each one of them have a connection to a murder.

Allen R (jp) wrote: I tried hard to enjoy this Robert Mitchum vanity project, but an empty script, hollow characters, weak story, and hideously poor acting kept me from finding anything worthwhile.

Jonny 9 (ru) wrote: An hour and ten into Visconti's Italian interpretation of "The Postman Always Rings Twice" I finally gave up the pretense and left the theater in search of pizza. Apparently the fuzziness of the print is related to there only being a single copy which was saved from destruction. Maybe that wouldn't have been such a shame. By my departure time little plot had developed and there appeared to be little on the horizon. Maybe it was more entertaining is you speak Italian? See a Fellini film instead.

Mutlu T (ag) wrote: Well acted but has a sloppy script so very disappointing,