Killing Me Softly

Killing Me Softly

A woman (Heather Graham) grows suspicious of her controlling husband (Joseph Fiennes) after she discovers secrets about the women in his past.

The film based on a famous novel. Alice is a Web designer falls in love at the the first sight with a handsome mountain climber- Adam at the spotlight out of the blue. She is deep in crazy love, sexual indulgence. One day, She suddenly uncovers some secrets about the death of Adam's previous fiancée which makes her to be afraid. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Keith J (mx) wrote: He can be an action star. Script needed more development. Characters too one deminsional.

Rowena C (de) wrote: thrz sumth rili sweet about tiz mv

Willie P (it) wrote: It's a crappy movie that only gets worse with the plot twist.

Franck B (nl) wrote: Enorme. plus black que black.

Gordon I (kr) wrote: I need to watch this again, probably.

Naoya K (ag) wrote: Just an okay Stephen Chow. Not as good as I expected, even though Jeffrey Lau directs this. It is very short, but I also think that's as long as it can go. Parodies of Besson's "Leon" and Kar-Wai Wong's "Fallen Angels" (even Karen Mok appears as she is in the film) are not really funny. Pretty disappointing quality comparing to the gorgeous casts.

Jason M (de) wrote: One of the best action movies ever made.

Eric J (br) wrote: If you're a fan of the original you'll probably like the sequel, which is notched up some no doubt due to its rather weak script. Great cast, some cute scenes and a couple good chuckles but we could have done without the gratuitous cameos by the stars of the moment. I enjoyed it! But, then I have fond memories from childhood (This may have been my dad's favorite movie)... that and I loved "the Big Bus". Go figure.

Fille F (fr) wrote: What does a man do, when his wife is murdered, and the killer comes to his door next day, begging forgivness? Tells the poor killer to forget about his dead wife, after all, he's forgotten about her long ago! WOW!

Scott B (de) wrote: Batshit crazy genre mashup.

Allan C (de) wrote: Gory 70s martial arts flick, which I suppose you should expect with a title like "The Flying Guillotine." Deadly assassins use the titular weapon to behead those who question the emperor. Our hero then takes on the group of beheaders using lots of martial arts action. It's pretty silly and the weapon is, of course, a completely fictional weapon with no real basis in reality. It's kind looks like a metal hat with a skill saw blade at the bottom that's thrown and pulled back like a yo-yo. It's a silly story, but there's solid martial arts action.

Avi J (jp) wrote: The Greatest Movie of all time!

Zack B (kr) wrote: Exquisitely shot by Henri Decae and sexily scored by Miles Davis. Oh, and it has Jeanne Moreau walking around with beautiful pouty lips and sad, heavy, riveting eyes in search of her accomplice and lover. That's awesome.

Asher K (nl) wrote: The epitome of a movie that has not aged well. It comes off as creepy (not to mention borderline statutory rape) in the 21st Century to hear an old man sing about his love for little girls and a 30 odd year old man marrying the 18 year old girl he knew since she was knee high. The music is fun but is not enough to make up for this uncomfortable premise, especially considering that Leslie Carson's songs are dubbed.

Steve W (fr) wrote: words i cant spell again more liei kys

Karl S (kr) wrote: MO reveals the mawkish core of Derrida's notion of the gift (beyond all giving, interrupts economy, etc.), and Lvinas's promotion of the ethical and ontological primacy of being held hostage to the other, while also reinvigorating both with a infusion of erotic desire. What drives Dr. Bob? Goodness, sure, but ultimately, what drives him, and what drives him to be good beyond all imagining, is his desire to hump the lady he blinded. You go get her, Dr. Bob. (more seriously, for anyone who wants to get into Sirk, I'd recommend seeing All That Heaven Allows, Written on the Wind (my favorite), or Imitation of Life before this one)(and also more seriously: is it possible that the creepy looming Christian self-help guru played by Otto Kruger was ever seen as anything but a moral Svengali? If Warhol had remade MO, I could see this role being played by Charles Manson)

soul r (ag) wrote: self-conscious, witty, and scary

Aaron B (ca) wrote: Average horror thriller with a great performance by Strother Martin. Some scares, with an anti-climactic ending.