Killing Season

Killing Season

Two veterans of the Bosnian War, one American, one Serbian, who clash in the remote Smoky Mountain wilderness.

The film follows a U.S. veteran (Robert De Niro) and a former Serbian soldier (John Travolta) as they play a gory game of cat-and-mouse in the remote Smoky Mountain wilderness. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dwayne Y (de) wrote: I though it was a cool idea for a movie but i wanted a different execution, Tara just though it was heavy handed bullshit, she gets it social media is killing us, will kill us has killed us, someone really need to come up with something new is what she thinks.The opening and ending were cool and it was fast paced but i just wasn't getting sucked in to the story. There wasn't a ton of character development or back story so we weren't all that upset when someone died because we didn't feel a connection. The two main characters are fucking awful. The gay guy was cool though.The movie was a bit uneven overall, some was fast but some parts crawled along. Though the box cover does come into play which is cool because it doesn't happen often anymore.

Martin P (it) wrote: The story of a soldier going through SAS training. A bit like Who Dares Wins, but with Noel Clarke offa Doctor Who

Eliabeth C (ru) wrote: I do liked it the movie, seems more serious and well acted. Good one I'll recommend.

Ryan L (au) wrote: Wow, who would have guessed that the indie romance drama would get a sequel? And a damn good one at that. Before Sunset picks up 9 years after the events of Before Sunrise. Jesse (an even better Ethan Hawke) is on a tour for his book, inspired by the one night he spent with Celine (once again a great Julie Delpy), and then Jesse notices Celine at one of his signings in Paris. Now that they are reunited, they walk around Paris before Jesse has to catch a flight, once again talking about their lives, and everything that had both changed and stayed the same. One thing that this movie has that Before Sunrise did not, was an extremely short run time. At only 81 minutes, this film goes by quick, but it leaves an impression for sure. Once again with brilliant acting, directing, and writing, this movie is just as good as its predecessor. In fact it may be even better. The writing is now even better with Hawke and Delpy assisting with the script and writing massive amounts of their own dialogue. The acting is now more matured and you can see that their characters have grown as people, making them even more real than the writing does. And the directing is still beautiful with gorgeous long takes with an inventive style to them. Truly a master class in film making. And with no spoilers here, I will say that the ending is so beautiful, and it reveals so much about both characters and it makes you as a viewer appreciate everything leading up to it so much more. By far a better ending than the first film making it a much more powerful and memorable ending. Overall this movie is just as good if not better than the last. everything is still perfect and the ending left me with the biggest smile on my face. Absolute perfection!!!10/10

logan w (ag) wrote: very great movie highly recommended

Adam R (gb) wrote: Poorly written and perverted. It's dumb, immature and annoying. (First and only viewing - 3/20/2016)

Paul D (ru) wrote: With an obvious quirkiness in the characters and the themes portrayed, this creates its own style through the subject matter, although it is still directed at a mainstream audience with obvious traits and conclusions to this effect.

M G L (nl) wrote: better than what critics gave it

Shannon S (us) wrote: this movie is so cute and it has a great story. ive watched oveer 20 times

Leonardo Malacay S (us) wrote: Droga, trafico, violencia y buenas actuaciones...

Mary T (de) wrote: We watch this movie every year or so; and still argue about who is the "Local Hero"!

Barney o (ru) wrote: WHAT I LIKED: One of the most tense thrillers out there, this film has you gripped and desperate to watch each and every situation unfold. You're only so gripped because of the characters though, who not only serve the plots and themes, but also themselves. With all that in place, great performances and excellent guide 'Seven' to a properly heart pumping experienceWHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: Perhaps because it's still a touch 'loud 90s,' 'bash it round your face' kind of stuff, it never really lets up and gives head-space to the audience. As a result, it'll grip you whilst you're there, but it wont have a hugely lasting effect. VERDICT: One of the most gripping and exciting thrillers you'll watch in the moment, this is the perfect match between cop action and tense thriller. This one really put Fincher on the map for all the right reasons.

maorimite r (mx) wrote: oldie but should be ok

Carlos I (ca) wrote: A pretty good film...I loved the last scene.

Mayank A (ag) wrote: Wow, loved the charter of Lou Bloom, what a guy & the way Jake Gyllenhaal portrays him is electrifying, still wondering how he could be charming, creepy, genius and psychopath at the same time. The take on the modern day news media is spot on. The movie has awesome direction, picturisation and script.