Killjoy 2: Deliverance from Evil

Killjoy 2: Deliverance from Evil

In this sequel, two juvenile detention officers must escort a group of criminally-inclined urban kids to the country where they are being forced to renovate a shelter for teens as punishment for their crimes. After one of them is shot by a local, the survivors seek refuge in the home of a voodoo woman, where they mistakenly summon legendary clown-faced demon Killjoy who begins hunting them down one by one.

En route to a run-down shelter they are set to renovate as community service, a group of juvenile delinquents and the two chaperones accompanying them run into a minor set-back when their ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Killjoy 2: Deliverance from Evil torrent reviews

Ramesh M (nl) wrote: Shows the world is aware and rising.

Jennifer T (gb) wrote: Only wanted to see this because Brad Dourif was in this. Boring. Not that good. Liked Alexia Fast's performance overall.

Denise W (mx) wrote: ,, 3/4-,~~

Ole J (gb) wrote: Well this is a combo of Action and Comedy, it reminds me of Karate Kid (wax on Wax off), but its allright, not quite my thing.

Traci V (fr) wrote: Looks good... Amy Adams is excellent.

Wendy S (us) wrote: I got this in the interest of seeing how a nora roberts' novel is pulled off in a movie. Never to be done again. The movie is worse than the novel. Sweet, predictable and kills all interest in the fire by the end.

Rawballs B (es) wrote: No. 1 !!!! A+!!!! Two Thumbs Way-UP!!!!... I present to you, the motion picture that will give your eyes tears to the highest level...

Katrina R (gb) wrote: a great family christmas movie

Mickey C (nl) wrote: One of my favorite animated movies

Thomas R (fr) wrote: Surprenant, amoral, extra, drangeant, thtral, la limite de l'absurde, et malgr tout VRAIMENT drle. J'aime !

Joel A (ca) wrote: A nice little cute girly girl film this was, not many males I would imagine get a kick out of it. The acting is really good and captures the relationships women have in their circle. The dialogue and chemistry between the girls is really enjoyable and overall I find it's easy to get into the characters ie their lives and stories. Also as the girls 'toy boy' the great Jon Bon Jovi does some acting and he isn't to bad considering he is the rock artist he is. He plays Liz Perkins' love interest and adds a lot to the film the short time he is in it. A perfect film for a girls night in...popcorn and chocolate would go perfect with this one...

Chad S (it) wrote: Very interesting and disturbing.

Millo T (gb) wrote: Although only a palid reflect of reading the letters by yourself (that is why is close to 2.5), just talking about this story is worth enough (that is why is close to 3)

Stuart K (ag) wrote: From Hammer, directed by Peter Sadsy, (Taste the Blood of Dracula (1970) and Countess Dracula (1971)), this is a refreshingly dark and beautifully lavish change to the usual kinds of horror films Hammer made at that time. It showed a more psychological side, but with room for bloody violence, but it's maybe Hammer's best looking film. It begins at the house of a bogus seance, held by Mrs. Golding (Dora Bryan), one of the participants Dr. John Pritchard (Eric Porter) discovers Mrs. Golding's guardian Anna (Angharad Rees) has been the voices behind the seances. But, when Mrs. Golding turns up dead, Dr. Pritchard takes her in, unhappy at seeing her share a prison cell with prostitutes. Dr. Pritchard wants Anna to live with him, his son Michael (Keith Bell) and his blind fiance Laura (Jane Merrow). But, when Anna psychologically kills the maid Dolly (Marjie Lawrence), Dr. Pritchard believes something psychological is causing this to happen, and uses Freudian experiments to get to the cause of it, but Anna ends up leaving the house, and going on a rampage. It's much more cerebral than other Hammer Horrors, but it's got a very good cast and beautiful sets and lavish cinematography. This is the sort of direction Hammer should have gone in, but they were well into their downfall by then. Pity really.

Chad K (au) wrote: I really got into it. If you've lived out in the country and heard unexplained noises in the woods or if the thought that there may be something in the woods that we don't know about scares you then this could work. If you really want to second guess camera angles and dialog then give Exists a pass.

Brandon D (ag) wrote: terrible acting, very low budget, and the music was so loud on the one scene u couldnt hear the dialogue, not that it was any good anyhow. the gangster rock song makes me want to kill myself. almost as bad as rocktober blood

Ian T (kr) wrote: On the plus side the acting is pretty strong which is probably the main reason I gave it an above average rating. Perhaps people think that by highlighting what they see as the issues and the cause an effects in working class urban areas they are doing a public service. However by oversimplifying and cheaply characturing the culture and the people involved you in fact do everyone a disservice. Everyone turns to crack because mummy didn't love them. Spoiler alert here to highlight what I'm talking about.There is a scene with a teenage girl who goes to an middle aged dealers house with hopes of becoming a model. Within 10 minutes she has tried crack and been shot by a 12 year old. The 12 year old has been forced into doing the hit by a crack dealer who started hanging around with a couple of hours before. Really? This is pantomime.

Greg N (br) wrote: one of the best biblical themed movies of 2015?