Deep in an inner city hell, a ghastly figure is killing off the bad guys. A vigilante, or a demon? For the beautiful high school student, Jada, that's the question that will bring her face to face with the killer clown Killjoy.

Three youngsters encounter an evil clown. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joseph P (es) wrote: An intense look at how copyright law has stifled artistic creativity in the name of old world money making schemes. Shows how walls are torn down by artists such as Girl Talk, Eclectic Method, and Brett Gaylor himself. Special appearance by Dan O'Neill, founder of the Mouse Liberation Front and freer of Mickey Mouse. A must see if you have a disdain for the RIAA/MPAA or the archaic capitalist business structure.

Bill T (br) wrote: I MOSTLY enjoyed this movie, about a would-be terrorist threatening to blow up 3 nuclear bombs, and the fbi terrorism expert and another-expert-dont-want-to-spoil-that-for-you. Samuel L. Jackson takes a balls and all (ha!) approach to this one, what a huge risk. Ultimately, it's a bit too much grisly horror and a little too less plot. But some great suspenseful moments here..

Alexandre B (jp) wrote: Poor production but very good story as a complement after reading the book.

Paul D (nl) wrote: It's not as intense as other similar movies of child possession, but it still stands up well within the horror genre.

Ela T (us) wrote: Only bad memories; the horror of militaries; you must have "stomach to see it"

Alexi T (ag) wrote: i've no interest in seeing this movie, but at least it has a great title :)

Spencer S (es) wrote: A film that somehow bridges the gap between Gen X comedies of the nineties and Jane Austen, "Metropolitan" is the story of a group of friends who are all pretending for everyone's benefit. Set in the late 1980s and possibly being the predecessor to films such as "Reality Bites" and "Empire Records", "Metropolitan" has characters that are happy to philosophize and mediate on debates of culture and art, but can't understand the dynamics of their ever shrinking group, or the implications of their actions in the context of love. The group contains many college freshmen, most considered debutantes, living in New York during winter break. Newcomer Tom (Clements) is more middle class than the rest of them, but sidles in thanks to the affections of a longtime admirer, Audrey (Farina). Within the group are several trend-following nymphets, a dodgy intellectual, a sweet tempered literature lover, and a narcissist and hypocrite who seems to guide them all at first, until they turn on him and his lies. That character is Nick (Eigeman) who comes off as a sort of nihilist towards his upper class friends, commenting on their sophisticated indulgence as an outsider, and insulting their bourgeoisie lifestyles while living it himself and calling for at least self-awareness. This indie film had many little performances that made a big impact. Much of this is resting on superb dialogue, between characters that are unpredictable while still being familiar. This film was nominated for Best Original Script at the Academy Awards that year and I can understand that from the dialogue heavy content .The group's world is something I've never seen on film because it's constructed from their own fallacies and hang ups. We as the audience cannot understand their motives because we're not voyeurs into the elite, but into a group of martyrs. Besides some awkward performances, which kept me from absolutely loving this film, it was well written, directed, and shot. Interesting and flamboyant in every sense of the word, you will want to see this look into a world within a world.

Shekina M (kr) wrote: This movie takes me back..I thought it was very entertaining and I would love to have the DVD!!

Jamie M (jp) wrote: Pretty messed up. I need to watch more meta-movies.

Owen L (nl) wrote: The story isn't the best, but Spies Like Us is an entertaining film. Aren't movies for entertainment? But it lacks strong direction, its a mediocre story and an alright script.It definitely could've been better.

Morgan W (ru) wrote: Three hours long and Polanski still left out a few important bits, but mostly true to the book, including the drawn out landscapes :-P

Rodney E (nl) wrote: Classic man on the run from Hitchcock. The scene on the circus train made this awesome to me. The Statue of Liberty finale is tops too.

Eric W (nl) wrote: A good B scifi with a hint of mutant show. Bruce Campbell in rare form. Extra points for the blood drinking fountain.

Vinceno B (jp) wrote: I watched 10 minutes of this movie and turned it off. I'd rather flick myself in the nuts for an hour and a half than suffer through this movie's "humor"