Killjoy 3

The demon clown Killjoy is resurrected once again, but this time he is not given the name of his victim and is trapped in his realm. Using a magic mirror he lures four unsuspecting college ...

. . Using a magic mirror he lures four unsuspecting college . The demon clown Killjoy is resurrected once again, but this time he is not given the name of his victim and is trapped in his realm

Killjoy 3 is a excited movies torrent of John Lechago. This movie was introduced in 2010. We can counted many actors in this movie torrents, such as Chandler Canterbury, Anna Gunn, Frances O'Connor, Daveigh Chase, Dylan Matzke, Deena Dill, Sydney Penny, Griffin Roper, Jason Davis, Kenny Roach, Bonnie Johnson, Elizabeth Powell, Juliet Cesario, Erin Hunter, Karan Kendrick, Victoria De Mare, Al Burke, Tai Chan Ngo, Jessica Whitaker, Michael Rupnow, Darrow Igus, Spiral Jackson, Olivia Dawn York, Mark Freedom, Quentin Miles, Helen Wong. There are many categories, such as Horror. This movie was rated by 4.9 in www.imdb.com. We have a good movies torrent. Enjoy this movies torrent and share to your friends . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Users reviews

Arthur V (fr)

Nu ii voie sa faci un film asa prost

j d (us)

reat job Chris Rock and Louis!. Great movie - the hilarious story of being a successful married guy of about seven years - "Seven Year Itch" completely amped up for today and funny as hell, so many truisms

Jacob W (es)

I would definitely reccomend reading up on your norse mythology before you see it. Thor was a cheesy superhero/real world collision of slightly confusing plot and eyeblasting cgi

Jamie C (ru)

Another Bond film that people don't really remember apart from the soundtrack and the fact that we finally get to see the leader of Spectre Dr Evil oops I mean number 1, The plot is pretty silly just like most of the gadgets in this film like the tiny one person helicopter that manages to fight 4 other helicopters with ease plus there's also some other non needed gadgets too, Having said that there was some nice little stunts and the action was ok, But it never leaves its comfort zone and nothing is really new to speak of and that's why it's never one of the first 007 films we think of

Jay J (de)

Paul Telfer has the body of a god!

Kace C (mx)

/10. Norte, the End of History [2014] You need four hours to watch this film and a lifetime to dissect it

Mayank A (ru)

Nice plot and stylish crime thriller, just felt it overrated as it's a lesbian based

michael b (gb)

watch what you wish for

Rhys R (nl)

. . The character of 'The Incredible Hulk' has been dragged into the mud far too often. Although most people know it, this movie needed an origin story to further its story to what it should of been

Spencer K (kr)

A wonderful documentary 5/13