The movie reminiscence of the Soviet poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko about the military childhood when he one reached the Siberian Winter station where he was waited by the grandmother. The way was unusually long, cold, hungry and angry.

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Zoran S (ag) wrote: An ambitious mess. It looks interesting (as all Spike Lee films do) but the story is allover the place. Still, I enjoyed it more than most newer films.

Justin M (nl) wrote: Can believe Deniro & whitaker would agree to do this waste of a movie...50 cent either needs to give up acting or take a whole lot of classes...don't waste ur time

Tyler S (gb) wrote: Not the best acting but I liek Stone Cold so I enjoy'd it ... He plays a Border Patroler in Montana and is suppose to spend time with his daughter when thiefs ruin thier week! I give it 2 1/2 Keubsters!

Nicol M (kr) wrote: It is really well realized and , expecially for the visual effects and the photography but the story is not nothing extraordinary.

Eric K (br) wrote: Powerful psycho drama about Ad Agencies and how they always ruin creative minds who surround the original idea. Anyone in commercial production should see this, it's a classic!

Francisco S (ag) wrote: Funny and original, but predictable narrative, weak cast and graphics aren't the best.

Vicky P (gb) wrote: I'd watch it again and again. It's outrageous but it also feels real and sweet at times. And it's funny no matter how many times I watch it.

Tim S (gb) wrote: Well, I can't agree that Night of the Demons 2 is as much fun as the original. A lot of the fun and campy things in the original went just a bit too far with the sequel. Brian Trenchard-Smith, who directed this sequel, is certainly capable of a fun movie. This just went a little too far. Kevin Tenney didn't return to direct, which I think is a bit a mistake too. The gags aren't as much fun this time around and a lot of the characters are annoying to the point of nauseating. I was also having Dead Alive flashbacks as well with the priest and nun stuff in the latter half of the movie. I can see why people like it so much, and Christi Harris is certainly lovely to look at, but this movie just isn't as good. It's a worthy sequel, but it stops there.

Nigel F (br) wrote: Wasn't as good as the first but it at least had the Pajama Jammy Jam

Luke H (it) wrote: You wonder why the priest does not say anything. The movie kind of odd like that.

scott g (nl) wrote: macy and dern play a married couple, where one of them is jewish, wartime newyork, as the neighburhood they live in take a dislike to there lifestyle, they feel compelled to keep itsecret, and when its found out , all maner of questions arise, a interesting look at hatred and racist people,

Ronnie T (jp) wrote: ive only seen 13 so far

Loren R (fr) wrote: Syriana" sollte eigentlich ein gut gemachter Polit-Thriller werden sollen! Leider hat man sich leicht getuscht mit dieser Korruptionsgeschichte. Auch das Schauspiel Ensemble spielen sehr solide und es luft das Wasser im Mund zusammen, diese Crew zusammen spielen zu sehen! Doch leider verluft alles ein bisschen im Sande.Auch wenn das Thema populr ist und die grossen Weltmchte das Erdl kontrollieren wollen, ist sehr realistisch. Aber es ist so trocken erzhlt, dass keine Spannung sich aufbaut.Die Szenen mit Clooney sind die Besten! Er steigert sich richtig rein in diese Rolle. Auch Damon und Wright spielen wirklich gut. Nur knnen sie gegen diese lahme Geschichte auch nichts daran ndern.Fazit: Realistische und erschreckende Geschichte. Leider nur langweilig erzhlt, dass es einem Kalt bleibt!