Guntur (Rangga Raditya) is an ordinary kid from village in Banyuwangi who lives an ordinary life. Well, not quite ordinary, since he is the “victim” of his father and friend obsession. His father (Mamiek Prakoso) treated him hard (mentally) because he wants Guntur to be a badminton champion like Liem Swie King, while Raden (Lucky Martin), his friend, pushed him to take part in local match by suggesting that he’ll have a lot of money if he wins. After learning that his efforts on winning the local match only brought him trouble, he became mad to his father and Raden and never care about badminton anymore. However, his father and Raden have secrets that Guntur doesn’t know it, yet…

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Marissa S (ru) wrote: Loved this movie - super funny, sophisticated writing, and the family's dynamic and functionality was refreshing.

Sagar S (de) wrote: A good story.. arshad was quiet gud..! overall a good movie!

Jason G (it) wrote: Be careful with this one - dialogue is somewhat witty but consistently predictable, acting is intentionally silly which actually just comes across as silly, and action isn't fast enough to be riveting and comedy isn't funny enough to create laughs. So sure - it has elements that are good, but certainly wouldn have you watch it.

kan T (br) wrote: samanyolu tv tadinda... :(

tony w (us) wrote: Great Korean Production

Daniel S (mx) wrote: Yes the movie is low budget and stupid. But thats what its suppose to be. Overall the plot is fine and Samuel L. Jackson knocks it out of the park and makes the film fun. Though if you hate snakes there are some gross parts. But in the end its a very decent underrated B film.

Barbara H (gb) wrote: Cool movie, a little bit predictable, but decent.

Grayson W (ru) wrote: This film mainly consists of a ton of well dressed zombies (i.e.: extras with mud on their faces) constantly running around shooting, stabbing and biting people in order to drink their blood. They are really more like crazed humans than zombies, but that's the obvious inspiration. There really isn't much plot at all, aside from different people panicking in different ways and a vaguely main character and his girlfriend trying to run away from them.

Dwayne H (au) wrote: Wonderful original script and brilliantly acted. Engrossing movie (Aldo Lado's first effort). Slightly disturbing ending!!!

Greg L (ca) wrote: One of his best movies, hilarious

Connor D (es) wrote: "Frailty" is a fantastic thriller starring Bill Paxton and the narration of Matthew McConaughey about an extremely religious father who teaches his children his insane habit. If you are in the mood for a contained, moody thriller from the early 2000s, definitely check out this overlooked gem. 7.4/10