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During World War One, the British troops are entrenched at Passchendaele, Belgium. Among the volunteers there is a young British soldier, Arthur Hamp, who is the sole survivor of his original company. Hamp spent three years in the trenches and this makes him a veteran. He has never been accused of cowardice but one day he simply decides to leave the war behind him and walk all the way home to Britain. In Calais, France, he is challenged by a Military Police patrol who promptly arrests him for leaving without permission. Hamp's commanding officers decide to convene a Court Martial and charge him with desertion. If found guilty, Hamp could be shot by a firing squad. Captain Hargreaves is assigned to be Hamp's defending attorney but he seems skeptical about his chances of acquittal for the deserter. During their first talk, Captain Hargreaves is impressed by his client's utter sincerity and naivete. He learns that his client volunteered on a dare by his friends back home, spent three ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Xpocalypse S (mx) wrote: Survival lessons: You never know who's a frickin' robot. When the robot apocalypse comes it wouldn't be a bad idea to carry around a knife for poking people to see if blood comes out. Aside from that, the only lessons learned are how not to do things. How not to move in a combat team, how not to hold, carry, and shoot a weapon, what not to wear in combat, etc. The best advice is just not to watch it. Some things in life can attack one's morale and drain your will to survive. This movie is one of them.

Huw G (ru) wrote: A predictable but well balanced feel-good story, with characters that are just so easy to enjoy.

David H (au) wrote: A unique film about family, community, loss, and the indignities suffered by the powerless at the hands of the powerful. I've watched it twice, and it held up on the second viewing. Definitely worth a watch.

Ryan S (fr) wrote: Not a good movie. But the last 20 minutes is pretty good for a straight to DVD horror film. Better than the 7th Hellraiser film, but that's about it.

Matthew W (au) wrote: The film did not always hold my attention, and I sometimes struggled to follow it, but it certainly contains Mamet's usual genius. The film deserves high marks for its language, detail, and truth in interpersonal relations. Don't watch it if you want something easy to appreciate when you are tired or distracted, but if you sit down and pay full attention to it, you will reap the rewards.

Lasse C (de) wrote: Entertaining in how bad it is. Usually, time travel movies are full of paradoxes but in some instances, you buy it because they are entertaining (Source Code) and in some cases (The Terminator) even excellent. Timecop is just plain bad. Van Damme is a ludicrously bad actor and that, in itself, is actually pretty funny, but when you slap Mel Gibson's hair from Lethal Weapon on him he becomes slightly pathetic as well. But as I said, it is entertaining because it is so bad.

Scott V (fr) wrote: Incredibly bad, the acting, plot, choreography, all of it. So bad it becomes something of beatey

amy s (mx) wrote: a great made for tv movie

Eric B (us) wrote: Whats that smell!!!! Lmao classic great flick

bill s (de) wrote: It sucks.....just simply sucks.

Nathanial R (it) wrote: F-(Terrible Movie)

Alex T (gb) wrote: Hackman plays an old fashioned gumshoe who is consumed by a mystery that's above and beyond his comprehension. Hackman tries to be like Bogart, but he is constantly making the wrong decision and is easily manipulated by the suspects. So, in that regard Nigh Moves is an anti noir film. The movie is completely self aware to the fact that its main function is as a commentary on the old noir genre. It uses the words 'case' and 'clues' with such emphasis that lets the audience in on the joke. And in the end we are left wondering, with Hackman, where exactly did he go wrong.