King Kelly

King Kelly

Kelly strips – her best friend Jordan captures the event on her mobile phone. Kelly’s name is well known among the visitors of (in)appropriate online portals. The two teenagers digitally record anything and everything that crosses their paths and upload the results to the internet. But, today is not their day: Kelly’s ex-boyfriend has taken her car containing a package she was not to lose under any circumstances. While searching for it, the two set off on a peculiar journey through a night peppered with drugs, sex, corrupt police officers and other catastrophes – and always with their trusty mobiles in hand. Made entirely using mobile phone cameras, KING KELLY is a satirical journey through the boundless narcissism of the YouTube generation.

King Kelly is the online username of Kelly, a young girl from Long Island, NY who dreams of becoming famous through her webcam strip tease show. Obsessed with the prospect of celebrity, Kelly stops at nothing to get what she wants. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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