King Lily of the Valley

King Lily of the Valley

Spring is in the air and Puck and Einar, as well as Christer Wijk are invited to a wedding in Skoga. The day before the wedding, the bride-to-be enters a flower-shop in order to inspect her bridal bouquet of lily of the valley, but suddenly vanishes without at trace. When she eventually turns up again, it is Christer who finds her. She lies dead outside her home with a bouquet of lily of the valley in her hand. Everybody close to the bride are suspects, not least her best friend, whom Christer has just begun flirting with. Everybody seems to have something to hide. Question is: are their secrets connected to the murder?

Spring is in the air and Puck and Einar, as well as Christer Wijk are invited to a wedding in Skoga. The day before the wedding, the bride-to-be enters a flower-shop in order to inspect her... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Peter B (au) wrote: Minus a couple bad comedic scenes and a CGI tiger, it's one of the better action films I've seen in years.

Geoff J (gb) wrote: Bad, bad film. At 78 mins short, it was still full of padding.

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Chip H (es) wrote: Not even Robert Duvall can save this melodramatic tripe.

James Joseph L (de) wrote: Ealing Studios go 750 miles north to the Outer Hebrides to produce a great comedy based on a true event - the sinking of the SS Politician off the Isle of Eriskay in 1941. This true event was the inspiration for the comical short story by Scottish novelist Compton McKenzie (who owned a house on the Island of Barra where the film was shot). Ealing liked the premise of the film and before you could say "lang may yer lum reek," McKenzie wrote the screenplay with the help of Angus McPhail and the rest is British comedy history. Essentially this is a tale of the little man v the establishment. It's set during World War II and the Islanders have an "English" occupation in the form of the British army/Home Guard. There's lots of play on the cultural differences between the Scots and English. The plot runs as per the true event. A ship is wrecked off the (fictional) Scottish Island of Todday. On board is a cargo of 50,000 cases of whisky. The race is on for the locals who have been deprived of their local/national drink because of the war rationing and the authorities HM Customs and Excise who want to recover as much of the drink as possible. This is a film of great charm and captures 1950's life on the remote Scottish islands where electricity, TV and phone lines were non-existent. It was a simple life for the locals who lived by their Presbyterian beliefs, their basic diet of porridge, fish and homegrown vegetables and the occasional wee dram - the word Whisky in Scots Gaelic means "water of life". It's this "water of life" or lack of, that drives the locals to the brink of greed as they row out to the shipwreck to recover the cargo. There's a lot of Scottish in jokes and irony going on in this movie for example the name of the Island is Todday - a hot toddy is a traditional remedy with whisky in it to help fight flu. It's an amazing debut for director Alexander McKendrick who would later go on to direct the noir classic - The Sweet Smell of Success starring Tony Curtis and Burt Lancaster. Hard to believe that McKendrick went to the same school in Glasgow as actors Gordon Jackson (who is in Whisky Galore) and David McCallum (of Man from Uncle/Great Escape fame) and was raised less than a mile from Billy Connolly and from where Stan Laurel made is stage debut. There certainly was something going on in Glasgow's West End back then. This is sterling Ealing and a must see for comedy gold lovers. Enjoy it and afterwards have a wee dram of Whisky or even an Irn Bru. Footnote: Whisky is the correct spelling. This site spells it Whiskey which is the English/Irish spelling.

Dan M (fr) wrote: One of the worst Star Trek movie. It's a shame too because the idea behind it all could have made a really great film. Contemplation of God, meeting God, meeting Spocks brother (who I have personally known, which made me want it to be better) etc., but it just didn't work. It was pretty boring to be honest. It was directed by Shatner and that's what it was a pile of Shatner. Haha. We'll it wasn't THAT bad, but it was THAT good either. Still worth seeing if you are going for the full Star Trek, trek.

Mickey M (ca) wrote: Love it, simply my favorite slasher franchise of all of them, this movie has such a remarkable place in my heart, the first one is probably the scariest of all of them with great acting and mystery.