King Lines

King Lines

King Lines follows Chris Sharma on his search for the planet's greatest climbs. From South American fantasy boulders to the sweeping limestone walls of Europe, Sharma finds and climbs the hardest, most spectacular routes. Off the coast of Mallorca he discovers his most outrageous project yet, a 70 foot arch rising from the Mediterranean Sea...

Follow Chris Sharma on his ultimate global quest to redefine the possible in the vertical world. Includes his first ascent of Es Pontas, the still-unrepeated Mediterranean deep-sea arch. Co-produced by Sender Films and Big UP Productions. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Icewinter J (es) wrote: entertaining as hell.

Paromita L (jp) wrote: srk movies r always good, but dis was xcllent!!!!!!!!!!

Dennis F (au) wrote: $$$ over peoples lives - check

Jerry Y (ag) wrote: This easily cracks the top ten of worst movies I've ever seen it (also on that list, off the top of my head (Boondock Saints, Domino, Independence Day, Twister). It's bad on so many fronts it's hard to know where to begin. Acting? Atrocious. It's bad enough when Meatloaf is in your film, but even William Macy is awful. And Laura Dern. Cinematography? Good lord. The director thinks that random zooming in and out at inappropriate times lends some sort of gravitas to a situation. Nope, it's actually laughable. The slo-motion flashbacks are particularly cheesy. The "fight" scene is remarkably bad. Story? I know it's based on an Arthur Miller, but this is horrendous. So apparently putting on a pair of glasses is enough to have a longtime neighbor suddenly think you're Jewish. Plus it's a little patronizing to illustrate the evil's of anti-Semitic by telling the the story of persecuted non-Jews (OR ARE THEY?!?!). Hokey imagery? Got it in spaded. "Hatred going around like a carousel". And then images of a carousel! Genius!Hokey, unsubtle moralizing + bad acting + bad cinematography = a classic (not in a good way). I looked up the director to see what else he had done, and sure as shit, it's the only film he's directed. I understand why.

Salil K (kr) wrote: Govinda's best performance till date and a well edited David Dhawan movie for a change, superb screenplay with notable performances by Satish Kaushik (Kunjbihari) and Anupam Kher (Seth Gulzarilal)... Fast-paced and Funny.

Allan C (ag) wrote: Solid if overlong cold war thriller from director John Sturges, from a story by Alistair MacLean. Rock Hudson is the commander of a US sub on a race to the North Pole to rescue scientists at Ice Station Zebra, which is actually a cover for a top secret mission. The dirty commies are also after the scientists, so it's a race to find them, though Hudson's job isn't made any easier when it's discovered there is a mole within their midst. Ernest Borgnine, Patrick McGoohan, Jim Brown, and Tony Bill all co-star in the film, which features an all male cast (no passing the Bechdel Test here). Michel Legrand provides a more masculine of score than usual, which is kind of cool, and the film had uncredited script doctoring by W.R. Burnett, but in general this film felt way too long at nearly three hours. Still, it's a pretty entertaining bit of cold war entertainment.

Senor C (fr) wrote: Curtains is a good slasher premise that's played out to mediocrity. An actress commits herself to an insane asylum for the role in an upcoming movie..only her director (played my John Vernon who the best thing about this) who helped commit her doesn't get her out & decides to hold a casting call. The actress actress escapes & comes back for the role. Then the cast is killed off by someone wearing the mask that is supposed to signify the character their bidding for. It's all played out to a bit of tedium w/ only one highlight kill on an iced pond & a sickle. The killer is a nice twist though

Paul D (mx) wrote: The concept of the film is interesting, and the well-shot bleak environment does mirror the feelings of the emotionally charged characters. The story is dour though.