King of Chinatown

King of Chinatown

King of Chinatown is the story of what it takes to be a professional gamer by following one of the US's most prolific fighting game players, Justin Wong as he rises to fame with the release of Street Fighter 4. Through rare interviews and never before seen access to, until now, off limit locations, go beyond the scene and step into a world of true businessmen and women looking to make gaming a career, rather than a hobby.

King of Chinatown takes an in-depth look at the culture of video games, an industry that has evolved into a worldwide, multi-billion dollar phenomenon. Filmmaker Calvin Theobald follows ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Celeste H (ag) wrote: Things aren't as they seem. While on the surface it looks absurdly ridiculous and colorfully slapstick, as the movie progresses it becomes a drama-esque view into the culture of Japan. Delivers laughs, heartache, and culture on the same plate.

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