King of the Avenue

King of the Avenue

A drug dealer sells his soul to the devil to become the top drug dealer on the block.

A young drug dealer sells his soul to the devil in order to become the #1 seller on the block. But later, as his competitors all begin to topple like dominos, he realizes that the gift bestowed upon him was not a blessing, but a horrible curse that cannot be broken. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gayle B (au) wrote: cool film nice family friendship movie absalootly great

Alan T (ca) wrote: A charming cast keeps this cliche love story above water. The three 'bros' (Zac Efron, Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan) have great chemistry and keep the guys' individual perspectives of love and relationships interesting. Imogen Poots is a fun love interest, but ultimately the cliches and change in tone towards the end don't impress.

Matthew C (fr) wrote: Uwe Boll actually makes a very good film, One scene in particular is very hard to watch.

Jose P (au) wrote: Loved the movie, its a tear jerker. Highly recommended.

John W (it) wrote: Cameron has a great sense of style and scene (I guess it's in his genes although different than his father's style). I liked the characters and the actors did a good job with the material (Kathy Lamkin was awesome!). I didn't think the story was that compelling, a little to hard to believe in and while there wasn't a lot of gore, it was more grossly-intense than I like (scare me by what I CAN'T see). Overall, I liked it, just wish there had been "more"

Dwight M (it) wrote: Wanted to like this movie, but i'm an hour in and at this rate i'm hate watching this movie. Super heavy on boring monologues told by a world weary over privileged protagonist. Hate being cliche but this film definitely felt like watching paint dry... albeit the paint was beautifully shot! Can't wait till this obvious rip off of Holden Caulfield kicks it in his "Magic Bus!"

MariePier D (us) wrote: I'm so sorry Mandy Moore... I usually really love your movies ! But this one... that guy was too weird and mean ! I like happy and sunny movies, this is a dark romantic comedy !

Ole J (nl) wrote: Funny film, but a bit like riding a one-way street, you know where it is going all the way.

Sonja J (it) wrote: Loved this movie -- doesn't play to short-attention span theatre-goers. The realistic pacing was very refreshing. I found it to be uplifting and very moving.

Jason D (fr) wrote: About half a century ago, a circus train was unfortunate enough to crumble when a bridge collapses, leaving a car full of clowns to drown in their watery deaths. The accident was such a big deal for the small town of Port Emmitt that everyone decided to just forget it after making several attempts to retrieve the missing clowns. Now, it's the present, and the undead clowns are back in town to kill everyone in Port Emmitt. This sounds like the most silly premise in the world, but everyone plays it straight in the film like it's some dead serious zombie clown shit! This movie is about as low budget as one can get, however, they manage to provide us with not one, but TWO scream queens. There is Brinke Stevens, who pretty much gives us the entire plot so as to let the rest of the movie go virtually dialog-free from then on. Also, there is the very beautiful Debbie Rochon (who doesn't utter a single word in this film) who is stuck in her house with some dead clowns, as well as a large sweater to keep the titties hidden, unfortunately. Yeah, other than that, the rest of the acting is atrocious, but I did love all of the gore and zombie clown make-up, even if it was not up to caliber with more big-budgeted films. The filmmakers worked with what they had and generated a VERY moderately entertaining popcorn movie, even if it may seem like a giant rip-off of The Fog, with a hurricane instead of fog and dead clowns instead of dead fisherman. Same concept though.

Charlotte P (ca) wrote: Funny, engaging and rollicking movie with excellent performances from Timothy Spall, playing a less hapless character than usual and making a great job of being mild and tough at the same time; David Wenham, who irresistibly reminded me of David Thewlis, but has a charm all his own as a crafty junkie; and Sam Worthington as the decent guy who just wants to go straight. A loveable cast and a good, albeit slight, story, nicely done.

Fong K (fr) wrote: Too much fanciful camerawork weakens the urgency of the message on the unfair discrimination against Japanese-Americans after the attack on Pearl Harbour.

Andrew K (de) wrote: Meanders a bit, but otherwise a fascinating portrait of a clever writer who fell victim to her own vices. Quite the ensemble cast, too, in parts both big and small. And it helps that I'm a sucker for period films set in and around the Prohibition era.

Andy C (fr) wrote: A dull and meandering mess. All the actors are cold and detached which wouldn't be a problem if the plot wasn't so standard and lifeless.

Brad S (nl) wrote: This movie gets a lot of hate, it's 0% on Rotten Tomatoes and 2.8 on IMDB, but I have a soft spot for it. I saw it as a kid and enjoyed it enough, particularly Michael Caine and it was likely the first thing I ever saw him in. yes, the movie makes no sense, that a shark followed them and is targeting the family, but it's not the first time a story makes no sense. The score is good and pays tribute to John Williams, but work in it's own right. It has great scenery and cinematography. File this one under entertaining bad movie.

Katherine B (gb) wrote: One of Morgan Freeman's finest performances -- I think this was his first Oscar nomination. He's powerful and scary as a pimp in this Christopher Reeve vehicle. It's Morgan's picture and his talent shines throughout. A must see if you haven't already!

Toobs I (br) wrote: evil dead inspired kung fu & my personal favourite sammo hung film.Those ghosts at the beginning still give me the creeps.Fattys' scheming ho of a wife cops it in the classic stomach punch ending,hehe.Also contains one of the most awesome moustaches ever to be captured on celluloid

Jeffrey P (us) wrote: Bizarre comedy seems lees interested in its plot of two loose cannon cops (Arkin, Caan) trying to get the goods on a local crime lord than in prolonged scenes of buddy banter. The pacing is slow by today's standards, some of the jokes date badly, and entire subplots seem pointless. On the other hand, there's some wild stunt work, and director Rush delights in throwing visual and narrative curve balls to the audience. It's interesting to think of how this film may have influenced later action-comedies like "Lethal Weapon" and "The Blues Brothers".

Jack G (de) wrote: If you have to see one serious film about cockfighting... yeah, might as well go with Warren Oates and Harry Dean Stanton. At the least the cockfighting scenes are a precursor (I shit you not) to Raging Bull.

Matt A (jp) wrote: When will they start to make decent horror films again? With the exception of The Conjuring and possibly the Insidious trilogy, there hasn't been a decent horror film made in years... They all rely on cheap jump scares, awful CGI monsters, poor acting, very dark settings that you cant see anything and a ridiculous plot. All can be seen here! It did start off OK, the backstory of the mother losing her son was tragic but it falls apart very quickly. I'm slowly but surely giving up on the horror genre... One of the worst I've seen.