King of the Corner

King of the Corner

Leo Spivak is drifting through life without a compass. His father is aging fast, his teenage daughter is rebelling, his protégé is after his job and his wife is losing her patience. A twist of fate and some bizarre wisdom from a "freelance rabbi" help Leo navigate the murky waters of his life and turn his crisis into a second-chance

Leo Spivak is drifting through life without a compass. His father is aging fast, his teenage daughter is rebelling, his protégé is after his job and his wife is losing her patience. A twist... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joe A (us) wrote: Remake of 1962 film is the first Takashi Miike movie I could ever consider boring. But, this tale of events leading up to a ronin samurai's request to commit hara-kiri at a prestigious lord's castle is exactly that.

Jordon J (au) wrote: Some of the stunts and fights aren't too bad, but almost everything else is. Low budget and can't expect much. I say SKIP IT!!!

Todd F (fr) wrote: I'm trying to figure out why they take themselves so seriously.

Julia F (nl) wrote: It's a modern and upbeat musical update of A Midsummer Night's Dream with a homosexual twist... and I loved it. The musical sequences were fantastic - especially the title song Were the World Mine and All Things Shall Be Peace.

Jj G (br) wrote: all star line up, good story but the film lacked feeling, although it ended on a bit of a downer. dont think you'll see this in ma box

Mike I (br) wrote: Pretty Good has a good story little slow at times

Mattias E (fr) wrote: Even if Wilson Yip will continue making crappy actionflicks starring Donnie Yen forever, he will be forgiven thanks to Bullets Over Summer, a beautiful human drama disguised as a cop movie. Terrific acting. The playful report between Louis Koo and Francis Ng comes out very natural and real. I guess Wilson Yip is one of those filmmakers who only had one great movie in them really.

Ty Q (ca) wrote: I'm not a huge country fan, but I've always been a sucker for stories about musicians. I really wanted to like this movie, but I found myself wanting something that felt a little more genuine. Once Dusty (George Strait) abruptedly left the tour, I thought the movie was ready to take off, but it was all downhill from that point. Everything moved too fast and came across as fake. He visited his grandma, which was nice, but did he have any real connection to the town which he found himself wandering? There was a reference to him playing at one of the small town bars, but that was it. Now, to the "love story:" out of the blue, he sees a woman dealing with a drunken idiot in a parking lot, so he finds himself getting beaten. Because he "defened her honor," he got to stay at her family farmhouse, where on the first day, he found himself sitting at a breakfast table with people who refused to acknowledge his attempts at small talk. They didn't show any resentment either, which was the odd part. It wasn't awkward in a funny way, either. The rest of the story is quite predictable: Dusty falls for the woman whose honor he defended. They go on to enjoy each other's company for a couple days, until he is found by his manager. Next, a problem ensues and the woman all of a sudden is heartbroken and wants nothing to do with Dusty. What does Dusty do? Well, he's a singer, so naturally he writes her a song and sings it to her at a concert in Las Vegas, which he somehow managed to deceivingly get her and the rest of the family to attend. That brief summary of the predictable events just saved you forty-five minutes of your life (that is, if you had planned on seeing this movie). You're welcome.

Salvia W (br) wrote: Love this movie. God moves everyone of us...

Shawn W (mx) wrote: Cop and former cocaine-smuggling boyhood friend duel over the same woman as the drug pushing friend has troubles from being dragged back to his past occupation. Three top stars of the day headline this well-financed effort. Never reeled me in. Would seek out these stars' other efforts.

Rob M (de) wrote: Slightly dated identity farce that still packs some good lines and moments. Goodie Hawn is great as the open, ditzy role. Walter Matheau has some great facial expressions but tends to overact his way through the movie.

Chris M (it) wrote: Uneven, but considering the whole enterprise was an amateur production the end result is remarkable! In brief: what might have happened if WWII had turned out differently. This film, made over the course of 8 years by two young amateurs (and a host of chums, all joining in for free) has an eerie, close to documentary feel about it. Shot on 16mm, the picture is grainy BW, but this just adds to the atmosphere of the piece. The storyline is reasonably credible - the inserts of genuine British Nazi sympathisers is positively chilling.

Alessandro Cherry C (ru) wrote: Poker di attori immortali

Dawn E (fr) wrote: Pretty funny! I'd love it if they made all the addition Jump Streets that were showing in the credits.

David C (br) wrote: Despite the critical shortcomings, I quite enjoyed this film. Perhaps it helps to be a fan of stories about musicians, life & death drama, and love stories, but I kinda dug it.