King of the Lost World

King of the Lost World

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's action-adventure classic, four plane crash survivors encounter danger in a world that time forgot.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's action-adventure classic, four plane crash survivors encounter danger in a world that time forgot. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lovro H (nl) wrote: Honestly, I've expected less from this movie, but I got more! First of all, it has Steve Carell, which is the main reason why I even saw this movie. Secondly, it's funny! It's really funny, and although the story seems predictable, it's still a good one. I really loved the performances in this movie, as well as the whole cast. It's one of the better romantic comedies in the last few years. I'd like to tag this movie as a "must-see for Carell fans". And I'd recommend it to romance/comedy lovers! *thumbs up*

alice p (de) wrote: Beautiful but slow. I loved parts of it but was annoyed by the non-commital ending. I loved the way it captured small moments of real life.

Johnny R (de) wrote: Incredible dance movie!!

Cliff M (mx) wrote: Just because it's an all female cast don't be deceived into thinking that this is a Chickflick, instead it's an insight into the workings of the good, the bad and the ugly in people.

Private U (nl) wrote: A very interesting movie. In a way, a Chech answer to Kaurismki's trilogy about loneliness (minus the sex).

Timothy S (es) wrote: It must have came as a disappointment to a lot of people in the 80's when someone said that you just can't release two "Police Academy" movies in the same year. So, some genius studio head did the next best thing and greenlit "Moving Violations", pretty much a carbon copy of the long running law enforcement franchise. There are some laughs here, and I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the first half of the picture. It's prime 80's dumb fun, and I relished the film's complete lack of political correctness and ridiculous casting. Name another movie that would have been better suited for the film debut of Wendy's pitchman Clara Peller. And then there's star John Murray, who is obviously (painfully so) the brother of multi-talented Bill. He's not without some charm of his own, and he is quite liable throughout most of this. The problem is that he looks and sounds so much like his more famous relative that he never really gets the chance to make a name for himself. I think that, combined with the fact that this was a pretty forgettable debut feature, ensured that he would never get cast in another film. He even steals Bill's short, glib and sarcastic comic style. The marginal fun that caught me off guard in the first half is short-lived, however, and the dumb fun I so enjoyed gives way to just plain dumb. The plot, if you're so bold to call it that, is ridiculous and the romance between Murray and Jennifer Tilly is completely unconvincing. The "lovable losers" start to wear out their welcome. "Moving Violations" makes a game attempt at being so bad that it's actually good. When the dust settles, however, it's just mediocre.

Christine R (it) wrote: This true story of heroism during WWI is a straight forward story of Alvin York a one time he'll raiser turned religious pacifist who becomes one of the biggest heroes of the war. If it was not a true story I would not believe it as it comes across as propaganda in some respects. Very enjoyable and nice.

Dave J (au) wrote: Another low budget Steven Seagal movie as it centers on him as ex-CIA pursuing on the kidnappers who kidnapped his daughter while hanging around with friends in Manila, who would eventually team up with his old partner again.

k f (ca) wrote: Better than I remember it being

Dan A (us) wrote: It is a slow paced horror film made for horror fans in mind with mostly inside jokes and cameo's from horror film makers. So for that I really enjoyed it...I am a huge horror fan from way back. And I love the 'hatchet' franchise. But then came the ending...of which there is none. No climax...nothing to wrap it up...just nothing. Had the same problem with 'it follows'. The ending just threw away all of the terrific build up it spent an hour and twenty minutes getting too. Is this the new fad for horror movies? Great build up to a terrible orgasm? Just horribly disappointing.

Matty M (mx) wrote: Kill Your Friends (2015) is an outstanding film based on the happenings with the music industry as an a&r rep. This film is beautifully packed with the perfect cast, the perfect script; this film is on point from start to finish. The moment I heard about Kill Your Friends (2015), I knew I had to see it that it was a film that had my attention and it did. As the movie started up it had that "Trainspotting" vibe to it, the chaos factor, the thrill ride; everything was intact. The way the story cycled through as it pulls you closer to the edge preparing to unwind; this film is perfect in all ways.This is a great film for indie musicians to watch, and of course fans of music in general; this movie does point out some true tips. This is certainly a film that will be in our personal dvd collection.

Sam C (br) wrote: I don't know whose idea it was to put fat suits on the main characters, but they were kind of overdone, also the fake long nose on the Barney character didn't look real. Emma will be fantastic in anything, and if anything else, show how she can rise to the top in a big mess like this one.