King of the Underworld

King of the Underworld

Niles and Carol Niles are married doctors who save one of ganglord Gurney's men. Gurney exploits them, then kills Niles leaving Carol to take the fall. He next kidnaps writer Bill Forrest to write his biography. Knowing Bill will be killed when the biography is finished, Carol takes matters into her own hands.

After the killing of her husband by friendly fire during a police raid, Dr. Carol Nelson tries to find gangster Joe Gurney to clear her name with the medical board. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Houguan F (es) wrote: 1/4 3/4- 1/4>??" 1/2(TM) 1/2?-' ?? 3/4> 1/4" (R) 1/2 (C)? 1/4?~~

Rhys M (gb) wrote: Filmed in my hometown, Amelia Island and focuses on a very imprtant issue there and in many beautiful, ecologically rich areas: Over-development.

Harry M (it) wrote: Significantly inferior to the first one. Lost ithe gothic feel of the first one. City of Masks nearly has a comic atmosphere. The guy from TV's Sinbad show was pretty cool.

Megan S (au) wrote: You know those movies that are so bad that they're actually good? This isn't one of them, but it's entertaining as hell. At least when combined with friends watching it with you late at night. The ending sequence is one of the funniest things I've ever seen and you cannot top Jackie Earle Haley, who undoubtedly wishes he'd never signed on for this movie, looking like a pirate as he holds up a pharmacy.

James B (br) wrote: Only got to see half :p

Todd E (fr) wrote: old though still a good movie

Andrew I (ru) wrote: Decent film noir with some realism and pace to it. I would've given it more stars if the picture quality hadn't been so dark that I could hardly see what was happening half of the time. Audio was a bit mumbly too, especially for a remastered DVD. Otherwise, not bad at all.

Emily A (jp) wrote: Very enduring relationship between a girl and geese and finding a common bond with her father.

Timothy A (fr) wrote: A poor man's Trainwreck (which barely earned an homage) crossed with When Harry Met Sally. It does earn points for its even-handed treatment of sexual freedom, refusing to judge its characters while acknowledging that society will, but it kind of loses them for making the female lead a reformed slut from the get-go while letting the male continue the action for most of its runtime. For all it dips its toes into unfamiliar territory, it's obvious from the outset that it's heading towards a stereotypical Hollywood rom-com ending, and it's a sad inevitability that a few good jokes can't quite conceal.

Joseph B (es) wrote: i didn't expect to enjoy this filmn but i really liked it, it had charm, sophistication, great character development and absolutely superb music. A suprise favourite of mine.

Alex D (it) wrote: This movie's watchable, but it feels like the kids' version of the first one.

Cam D (nl) wrote: It'd be cool to see a sequel to this. This was not bad.But a lot of really dumb things kept this from being great.The ones that made this movie was Tim Allen and John Travolta. Dudley, Martin Lawrence, and that dumb cop that kept hitting on them them the whole movie kept this from being much better.

Dan U (es) wrote: Best movie ever made.