King Ralph

King Ralph

As the only relative to take over the Royal throne, a down on his luck American slob must learn the ways of the English.

King Ralph is an 1991 American comedy film starring John Goodman in the title role of Ralph Jones. When the only relative to take over the Royal throne, a down on his luck American slob must learn the ways of the English. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andrew B (ru) wrote: Weakest of the movies that I've seen this week at inside-out Ottawa.

First L (fr) wrote: Did the Koch Bros. fund this?

Jim M (mx) wrote: Pretty images, but terrible pacing. The odd sex was out of place. The columbian exposition stuff spent too much time wandering and not enough on ritual. Redeeming qualities: bee drummers, death rodeo, fake-medium imagery (which I wish was played up more, honestly).

Shane W (de) wrote: An astonishingly well-crafted survey of Chomsky's political thought and career that is truly epic in scale. Although it is primarily focused on his work in media theory, it dedicates a large portion of time to two of his most exciting and scandalous forays: His alleged support for the Khmer Rouge and his alleged Holocaust denial. This film, much like "Is The Man Who Is Tall Happy?" serves not only as an introduction to Chomsky's body of work but to critical thinking in general. It is a rare piece of work that both enlightens and inspires, yet this documentary does both with relative ease. It is a large time-investment (running at almost 3 hours), but every minute is undoubtedly well spent.

John W (nl) wrote: Spirited musical remake of "The Philadelphia Story," retains the charm and sophistication of the original thanks to the performances of Crosby, Kelly and Sinatra. Great musical support from Louis Armstrong.

Matth M (kr) wrote: bleh. cheesy, terrrrrible ending.

Lesley N (kr) wrote: Conway, kidnapped by Chang after a plane crash, is taken to a Tibetan Mountain Utopia where there's food for all, long life, unlimited gold, simplistic morality and refined British accents. But will he be persuaded to stay or will he go?. CONWAY You have no disputes over women? CHANG Only very rarely. You see, it would not be considered good manners to take a woman that another man wanted. CONWAY Suppose somebody wanted her so badly that he didn't give a hang if it was good manners or not? CHANG Well, in that event, it would be good manners on the part of the other man to let him have her.

Donald S (mx) wrote: An inspirational tale of survival, "Hotel Rwanda" showcases a grim narrative to a world event many of us have, likely, never heard of. Overall, a fantastic showcase of a horrific genocide.

Norm d (jp) wrote: Not entirely Fresh nor Certifiable. This is a Spike-Denzel near cliche with Jodie just clinging to the vine. Almost overripe. And a tad slow in places with all the flashbacks. The end was only partially perfectly clear and should've been better. SPOILER ahead ... (close eyes quick)... a twist on Robin Hood.