King Size

King Size

A comedy. The story follows a young scientist in the contemporary world, who actually came from the world of dwarves, thanks to a magic potion, held by the Big Eater, ruler of the dwarves. The dwarf kingdom, Shuflandia, exists in a cellar of a library, and only the most obedient get the chance to grow to king size and inhabit the larger world. Once there, nobody wants to return to Shuflandia. Also, there are no women in Shuflandia.

A comedy. The story follows a young scientist in the contemporary world, who actually came from the world of dwarves, thanks to a magic potion, held by the Big Eater, ruler of the dwarves. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Peter F (it) wrote: Perhaps the single most powerful documentary of this current decade. The Act of Killing is a raw examination on violence, and the relationship it has with media. Methodical in its approach, minimalist in design, and disturbing without being overwhelmingly so, The Act of Killing is a pure must-see.

oraida k (mx) wrote: I just saw The Brass Teapot and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was funny, emotional, frightening and just what I needed to lose myself in. What a good movie!

Kaarina P (es) wrote: well acted but depicts wholly unsympathetic people

Kavneet R (it) wrote: Nicely done by Anurag Kashyap

Kevin M W (mx) wrote: A world weary Romanian cop tails some poor schmuck of a kid who's out smoking hash with his friends: should his bust the lump, or try to nail his supplier? But if he does it, the kid's life is in the crapper ... what to do, what to do? But this is only one problem in the cop's life. His wife is getting restless. Her husband doesn't seem to care about things, the important things, like about words and their meanings and how that intersects with our lives. You may decide, like the cop, to exclaim, "who thinks about this stuff?!? Who's got the time?!?" Or, you may give this slow simmer of a tale a chance to steep.

Derek W (br) wrote: It proves Charlene can really act in movies. Her character as a schizophrenia patient was well developed. But in the very end of the film Isabella Leong told all of the audience that she actually did better than Choi. One more point to add: I really don't like the story to be filmed in Thailand while nothing in the film was actually related to Thai.

Janson S (gb) wrote: Elisha Cuthbert (drooling)

Joseph R (ca) wrote: for some reason the japanese appear to be in love with christian imagery and mythology. whatever, this is a proper action movie, light on story, heavy on violence.

Sam M (au) wrote: Somewhat a step up from the last Death Wish sequel.

Javier C (au) wrote: Still is one of my top 10 movies. Has my favorite ending.

Andrey B (es) wrote: Great low budget action movie from the 70s, the movie that started the great franchise. It's stunning how marvelous and interesting this movie is, how skillfuly executed by Miller. And of course the very young Mel Gibson. Sadly they forgot how to make movies without CGI, movies that look way compelling and realistic without CGI.

Ali M (gb) wrote: A classic with plenty of "half man". Good story, good acting.

Jonathan B (nl) wrote: Oh how the memory cheats. At one time, this movie seemed to be the ultra cool, gritty tale of the 1970s disco world. Fuelled by sex, drugs and the Bee Gees. The reality, looking back on it, is that this is a rather hollow and unsatisfying tale in which the casual racism, sexism and homophobia sit very uncomfortably and are not fully explored in the rather tatty storyline. It is notoriously difficult to accurately portray realistic club scenes on film and Saturday Night Fever actually fails quite dismally to do this. Don't get me wrong, the dance scenes and routines are watchable and well performed but they feel staged and artificial in the setting of the down at heel Brooklyn night club and they now look like parody. There are genuine moments that sparkle. John Travolta is great as lead Tony but the character of Stephanie (Karen Lynn Gorney) who is supposedly Tony's love interest and aspirational figure is, frankly, something of a cow and I ended up really disliking her. The problem, I feel, with this movie is that the sum is less than its parts. It just doesn't add up. It really could be a thought provoking, period urban piece giving a snap-shot on an interesting sub-culture. However it just lacks substance and drive. The end leaves nothing resolved and comes as a massive anticlimax and whilst we remember the brilliance of the flashing dance floors and Bee Gees Greatest Hits soundtrack, we forget the limp plot and Disco Duck that attempts to stitch the white flares and polyester shirts together. Saturday Night Fever has certainly not aged with dignity and I'm sorry that looking back on it through my rose tinted aviator glasses I find it little better than average.

Kenneth M (de) wrote: Denne TV-filmen har langt fra den samme styrken som den originale miniserien, og mangler den samme krasse utforskningen av forhold og intimitet.

Leonard D (kr) wrote: Ridley Scott's masterpiece!

Logan M (mx) wrote: Due to its subject matter and the steady societal changes occurring at the time of its release, "Kramer vs. Kramer" is a highly relatable film.

Charles G (fr) wrote: Amusing to a point, though they might have been better served trying to replicate a few episodes instead of a stand-alone film.

Robert I (es) wrote: Not a terrible film, but I absolutely could not accept the premise. I know where the characters were coming from... but no. Some cons are worthwhile and the cast is made up of some very talented character actors. This is a film you watch on cable once and instantly forget. Despite playing a terrible character, I did like Danny DeVito in this. This could also be the best role I've EVER seen William Fichtner in.

Lau H (kr) wrote: Very nice setup, and very interesting story for the standard of horror movie. Not as scary as expected, but quite entertaining.