Kingdom of Conquerors

Kingdom of Conquerors

In the 1200s, a man arose whose ruthlessness was so feared, he emerged as the greatest empire builder ever known to mankind. Inspired by true historical events.

Set in early 13th century, Daoist monk Qiu Chuji traveled for 2 years to stop Genghis Khan and his soldiers from killing in Europe and Asia. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alberto R (mx) wrote: Excellent movie about following your dreams yet knowing when it's time to let go and embrace the unexpected blessings of life before they slip by. Sueos, Amor, Realidad y Familia.

Jamie C (de) wrote: A very dark comedy that's funny in places but i'm still deciding if I enjoyed the story or not as it was very different but it felt like it didn't know where to go or what to do next, But because it was random we didn't know what was going to happen next, All the cast were great and it was violent and bloody, Its not going to appeal to everyone but stick in there and you will find that it was all worth it in a weird sort of way.

Nadjib R (br) wrote: With no shred of doubt the most flattering part of To The Wonder is the impeccable cinematography by none other than the master Chivo, talk about a delight of imagery and magic that can only be found in his work, truly incredible, the story is a rare combination of LOVE & Depression & PAIN and fear and courage and a lot of unexplained emotions that can only be felt through the amazing acting of a wonderful cast, simply it was what movies do which is movie something deep inside you and it did that wonderfully

Tyson P (jp) wrote: Not nearly as amazing as the first but still recommended for fans of waiting.

Mattias L (mx) wrote: Hyfsad spionrulle med en hrlig cast. Asiens grdda av skdisar finns med som Gong Li, Ken Watanabe och Chow Jun Fat och d misslyckas det sllan.

Rubia (nl) wrote: There's no such thing as reality. All that we see and experience end up being part of a frame. Something like "everything has three sides": your, mine and the (supposed) true one. Where stands the reality of the 'you' that has nothing to do with the 'me'? While watching Santiago, I could truly understand what Susan Sontag meant when she compared the camera to a gun. In her novel "On Photograph", she says that : "To photograph people is to violate them, by seeing them as they never see themselves, by having knowledge of them that they can never have; it turns people into objects that can be symbolically possessed. Just as a camera is a sublimation of the gun, to photograph someone is a subliminal murder - a soft murder, appropriate to a sad, frightened time." We all know that documentaries are only a part of a whole, a fraction of something called reality. What we don't tend to think about is that real characters are also a creation, a fiction when converted into a subject. Santiago was the enigmatic butler of the filmmaker's family. Speaking more than five languages, a lover of classical music and boxing, the Argentinian wrote all along his life 30,000 pages about the history of the world's aristocracy. These are facts, however, what Salles was really looking for when decided to make the documentary - what he only discovered thirteen years later - was not the real Santiago, but Santiago from his childhood memories. Like an implacable murder, Salles "violates" Santiago and turns him into an object to finds out, at the end, that the relationship employer and employee had never been broken, as this relationship is also an allegory of what happens throughout any film between the documentarist and his/her subject. Or between reality and fiction. * the black and white film was the perfect choice. a tropical light wouldn't match with Santiago's personality and sense of respect (for tradition).

Franklin B (de) wrote: A pretty good film about the dangers of gambling addiction.

Caty C (fr) wrote: I own this movie on DVD, and I still love it, because it shows you a no-holds barred view about life where the real Emperor's of the world live.

Tyler S (ru) wrote: Both sexy and funny at the same time. Another Trey Parker and Matt Stone classic.

Ben B (ag) wrote: Great performances by Irons and Lone however film lacks the necessary warmth, heart and even chemistry to make this unconventional love story believable.

Aaron C (ca) wrote: Police Academys pretty dumb fun these movies get slammed a lot but at this point the characters are still well defined and illicit laughs

Jennifer X (it) wrote: I think MGM musicals are delightful little jewels, no matter how formulaic they can get. And Stanley Donen is the king of all things singing and dancing. So naturally this was going to be good before I even saw it. The dancing is top notch and Jane Powell is so adorable even though I don't like her voice. And Fred Astaire is ageless, floats with a grace I've never seen on anyone else. It's definitely not the best musical I've ever seen but it's thoroughly enjoyable (even though the girl Astaire got with at the end is ugly...) escapsim!

Dean S (br) wrote: Highly underrated film to be honest. Stallone and Snipes make good rivals in this movie.

Bill R (jp) wrote: a movie that had promiae but ended up being long, alow and predictable. could of also had a different feel for it, almost had a made-for-TV feel and was taling itself way too serious. watch if you like but not a recommendation.