Kings of Ktown

Kings of Ktown

The Kings Of Ktown is a stand up comedy special, filmed at The Laugh Factory in Hollywood, featuring: Danny Cho, Paul PK Kim, & Walter Hong. They drop their views on culture, race, family, dating, and living in Koreatown.

The Kings Of Ktown is a stand up comedy special| filmed at The Laugh Factory in Hollywood| featuring: Danny Cho| Paul PK Kim| & Walter Hong. They drop their views on
culture| race| family| dating| and living in Koreatown. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nolan S (kr) wrote: Fun and enjoyable for any hardcore Naruto fan!

Mandeep S (fr) wrote: The reason this movie phails is that it is neither cartoonish action nor 'matrix' like action. It starts a bit goodie and then it just runs out of steam. I wish they either made this like Shrek or Matrix but not a mixture of both. The action scenes were pretty good, if only they had kept it consistent. Another let down is the inclusion of songs. It would have got more business if they had not these speedbreakers in form of songs.

Gabi B (us) wrote: Not that bad as I expected... probably because I love dance movies so much that even do not care about acting, lame screenplays, stupid plots and so on... On the other hand I know that most of dance movies are made by dancing people who care most about dancing not about cinematic aspects and it's hard to get an actor who could dance great or an dancer who would be a good actor. Well at least it was real pleasure to watch them on the dance floor.

Paul J (ag) wrote: Another brave and bold film from Zahedi. It's amazing how unafraid he is to show his personal life on screen. Some might feel it's narcissistic but considering how humble his approach is, I found the movie worked expertly. It's remarkably edited with a ton of humorous bits that keep you engrossed until the end. I can also imagine that many could probably relate to Caveh's dilemma. From a certain point of view, the film is inspirational and emotionally moving. It's probably Caveh's most accomplished work yet.

Gwen H (ag) wrote: This is a good story. It's not about weight loss, it's about obsessing on one person - co-dependencies. Always a pleasure to watch Annette Bening.

Rafael B (mx) wrote: Decent Film. Good CGi, Setting, Story and Van Helsing is the best! he is a Vampire Hunter with a badass personality and can turn into a Werewolf... BIATCH!

Jamie F (jp) wrote: This would bring tears to a glass eye. A very, very sad situation for the children profiled here. Living in a subway station and huffing paint fumes all day. I can't even imagine living that kind of existence.

Yoshi S (ag) wrote: Only Mormons likes this movie...

Sun P (ru) wrote: it is a cryier but its really good

Jo3y P (es) wrote: Surreal, Art Imitating Real Life !

jessie (ca) wrote: Loved the accent. Caught my off my feet. So hilarious. I was dying at every line that Jared delivered!! HAHAHA OH DUDE IT WAS FUN. Extremely strange, but great actors. Loved it.

Dominic R (ru) wrote: This is a good movie. However, it doesn't have anything on Koyaanisqatsi. Glass's music is brilliant as usual. If you want something to rival Koyaanisqatsi, I'd suggest Ron Fricke's Baraka.

Michael H (it) wrote: Strange thriller. Corny yet also slightly creepy.

Julian P (fr) wrote: One of the best horror movies I have seen in a long time. Horror is one of my favorite movie genres, so naturally I have seen a ton of them. With that being said, it takes a LOT to scare me but Grave Encounters definitely accomplished that. The best part about this movie is they didn't go for too much. It's very easy for new age horror movies to turn cheesy very quickly but Grave Encounters was solid from start to finish because they knew their limits. I'm typically not a huge fan of found footage horror movies but they did this one right. Definitely watch this movie if you are looking for a genuinely scary horror film. 9/10

Caitlin L (us) wrote: An Oscar winning performance.

Jennyfer N (ru) wrote: If you haven't figured it out by now- I like dance flicks. I am highly aware of every dance flick's cheesy cliche requirements- relationship drama, poverty and the need to win that comp as your life will probably depend on it. This one has a story that is terrible, frustrating, inconceivable, rather lame with acting that is all based on smugness. Thankfully, the stomping, dance routines and production was better than the first Stomp the Yard- not that that was any good. Hello!- to David Banner and Twitch in their minor roles.