Kings of the Evening

Kings of the Evening

Homer Hobbs, home after two years in jail, discovers that life on the outside can be crueler than the back-breaking injustice of the chain gang...

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    4.00 out of 5
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  • Release:2008
  • Language:English
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Homer Hobbs, home after two years in jail, discovers that life on the outside can be crueler than the back-breaking injustice of the chain gang. He returns to a bleak urban town caught in ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael M (jp) wrote: Man this really came out of nowhere. I mean, it's not a great movie, but considering what it could have been, damn. I expected a s****y kids animated movie somewhere in the realm of a Smurfs sequel, but what I got was a surprisingly funny and actually quite heartwarming adventure. It's extremely fast and very in your face, kind of reminiscent of The LEGO Movie. Not all the jokes work, but if one joke doesn't work, chances are there's another one that will right around the corner. It really plays on the unexpected and sometimes slightly dark humor, with a lot of lines that make you go "wait, did they just say that?" It's nothing risqu or inappropriate for kids, it's more just that the direction they'll take a joke usually catches you off-guard. This pack of wolves they meet near the middle of the movie have a running gag that is straight up some Looney Tunes level nonsense, but damnit all if it didn't make me laugh each time it happened. There's this little pygmy bird who annoyed the crap out of me most of the time he was on screen, but even he had a couple moments where things would go to a place I didn't see coming and end up with me laughing. Andy Samberg as the lead stork is absolutely perfect, and the animation team even got a lot of his mannerisms to come through in bird form. Kelsey Grammer as the boss stork is also great, this is the type of role he's just perfect for. It's also a surprisingly heartwarming movie, with a strong message about family and finding your home. It's not a particularly original message, but hey, they do such a nice job with it that you don't mind seeing it again. Not going to lie, Storks had me welling up a bit near the end, and I was laughing pretty hard and pretty consistently through most of it. There's really only a couple things keeping it from a higher ranking. The first being that obnoxious pygmy stork who annoyed the hell out of me, and the second being that since it's a comedy that relies heavily on surprise I don't know how well it'll stand the test of time or be something that warrants repeat viewings. Even so, in this first viewing, I had a really good time. It has its clichs, but it also has lots of originality, and the heart of it all brings the whole thing together.

(br) wrote: Cast: Robert Taylor, Lisa Chappell, Sam Parsonson, Terry Camilleri, Geoff Morrell, Joseph Del Re, Jodie Dry, Guy O'Donnell, Peter Green Director: Rupert Glasson Summary: A moment of weakness breeds unexpected terror for happily married Jessie Willis (Lisa Chappell) and her longtime husband, Rob (Robert Taylor), when she sleeps with a young stranger named Evan (Sam Parsonson) and finds herself pregnant with his child. The pregnancy is problematic enough, considering Jessie and Rob have been trying for years to conceive. But then Evan reveals himself to be an unstable stalker. My Thoughts: "The movie has received mixed reviews. I happen to be one who enjoyed it. The movie gave me chills. Sam Parsonson was really creepy and totally believable in his role. The guy has some major psychological problems and obviously some daddy issues as you will see in the film. I have seen many stalker/psycho killer films, but this one was definitely one of the better ones that have been made. For a low budget, independent, Australian film it was a pleasant surprise. Give the film a chance. WARNING: For animal lovers who don't like watching films with animal violence, there is a disturbing scene having to do with a baby kangaroo. It's a disturbing film."

Khaled M (fr) wrote: I think the pre-constructed image of Muslims as Terrorists has become really old news .. but the movie was solid good though.

Patrick D (au) wrote: An ambitious project with some stunning imagery. Though not without its faults, Christian Bale's outstanding performance holds this film together (and was wrongfully denied an Oscar nomination IMO).

neil L (ag) wrote: I like this movie, a bit repulsive but interesting. The sequels are dumb

Lorraine T (br) wrote: <3 Henry Fonda... on est compltement perturb par le point de vue de Ford en se disant mme que les indiens sont les mchants...

David P (de) wrote: Ex machina exceeded my expectations and scared the crap out of me in a most intelligent and delicious way. Three cheers for Alicia Vikander fur playing the role of the innocent, scheming robot so perfectly.

Brian H (de) wrote: A moving and inspiring film. The music gets me every time

Mandi L (mx) wrote: I'm not sure why so many people hated this movie but I really liked it! (And I'm very particular) It was very interesting. I guess in a nutshell its about a loss so heavy it nearly drives you mad...but just before it meet someone with the same exact hole or sadness. Together you learn to cope and heal even in the most unorthodox of ways. It's worth checking out for sure...especially if you like an original storyline, great acting, and an overall original film with a satisfying ending.