Kinnunen is a new movie of Andri Luup. This movie was introduced in 2007. We can counted many actors in this movies torrent, such as Sesa Lehto, Maria Peterson, Ott Aardam, Ksenja Agarkova, Aleksander Eelmaa, Eva Eensaar-Tootsen, Alisa Jakobi, Aleksander Katsai, Jarkko Lahti, Markus Luik, Hilje Murel, Jarkko Nyman, Ester Pajusoo, Matti Ristinen, Tarmo Song. There are many categories, such as Romance. This movie was rated by 6.6 in This is really a good movies torrent. Share with your friends and watch this movie together

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Users reviews

Angela P (kr)

dont own it yet ; ). . . This was a great movie

Daniel D (nl)

While somewhat enjoyable, I felt it lacked spark

Daniel H (gb)

A timeless classic of the genre that includes Spaceballs. Manages to blend comedy and feel good story telling beautifully

Demet I (br)

The story of a countryside boy who for the first time in his life gets to own something, and a school boy trying to keep his place among his peers. Totally realistic depiction of Beijing, where the rich hold all the power, and the poor struggle tremendously and hold on to the things they value the most

Don S (nl)

Not great, but there is enough here to be entertained. The story is interesting and slightly confusing, probably due to cultural differences and translation. It is not scary, but it is a bit creepy and the blood effects are excellent. A Korean horror movie that was part of the third 8 Films to Die For After Dark Horrorfest

Fernando M (de)

A crazy satire with one only objective: be ridiculous

Igor A (jp)

nacekav pred nekoj den na MGM i go izgledav pak :). . . ova mi bese omilen film koga imav 12 godini,

javier l (fr)

good movie reminded me to go to big bear ca

Kevin M (br)

I'd give it 0 stars if that was even possible, by far the worst movie I've ever seen

laura b (es)

Good cast and good plot. Was expecting slightly more from it though, not as much action as I expected. Ok film