Kino Eye

Kino Eye

This documentary promoting the joys of life in a Soviet village centers around the activities of the Young Pioneers. These children are constantly busy, pasting propaganda posters on walls, distributing hand bills, exhorting all to "buy from the cooperative" as opposed to the Public Sector, promoting temperance, and helping poor widows. Experimental portions of the film, projected in reverse, feature the un-slaughtering of a bull and the un-baking of bread.

This documentary promoting the joys of life in a Soviet village centers around the activities of the Young Pioneers. These children are constantly busy, pasting propaganda posters on walls,... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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nia C (es) wrote: cute,,funny,,and romantic

Christopher L (fr) wrote: Oh, how the mighty have fallen. This movie should be called "shitty white people in shitty relationships, also whinging about god". Just unbearable, actively regret watching it.This is astounding to me, because I consider all the rest of his filmography good, and most of it astoundingly good. I'm not sure I enjoyed more than 10min of this movie. Some of the shots were nice. Especially the shots with the bison. Those were nice. Can I have this movie with all of the human characters removed next time?

Russ B (kr) wrote: 12/17/2015: Not as good as the first one, but still ok.

Brian S (au) wrote: Not worth watching. Disappointing.

Caroline G (ca) wrote: lindssimo moodysson

Raffy John M (fr) wrote: a really nice plot,.. and i wish i could have a dog like that!! i love that movie... its amazing and entertaining...!!

Terri H (es) wrote: No thankyou - Not interested.

David S (it) wrote: some great melodrama. it would have been much better if they'd have blown away all the straights they wanted to.

Gordon H (gb) wrote: The Classic TV Show Comes to Life on the Big Screen!Originally written January 17, 1999--Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) is framed for the murder of his fellow IMF agents during a Prague Embassy mission gone wrong and wrongly accused of selling government secrets to a mysterious international criminal known only as "Max". In order to clear his name, Hunt recruits two disavowed IMF agents: computer expert Luther Stickell (Ving Rhames) and pilot Franz Krieger (Jean Reno).As a fan of this amazing show during the many years it was airing reruns on television, I was blown away by how intense and action-packed the film was! As Chicago Sun-Times film critic Roger Ebert wrote, "This is a movie that exists in the instant, and we must exist in the instant to enjoy it." I loved it! The only thing I didn't like (SPOILER ALERT) was that the film portrayed Jim Phelps, the leader of the IMF team throughout the entire run of the TV series, as a traitor! I really don't believe that the Jim Phelps of the TV show would ever betray his country like the movie portrays. Perhaps the film was portraying a different Jim Phelps?! But beyond that, the film was fantastic!

Erwin M (ag) wrote: Un peu bancal, mais plaisant.

Ryan C (es) wrote: This Chevy Chase mystery comedy is surprisingly entertaining as it is hilarious as Chase plays an undercover reporter who is asked to commit murder. The music to this movie, however, is painfully annoying and distracting.

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