A gripping tale action-packed with relentless and brutal martial arts scenes.

A gripping tale action-packed with relentless and brutal martial arts scenes. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Trinity (ca) wrote: It was boring. I expected a lot more.

Bailey H (mx) wrote: This movie definitely is cheesy and fluffy, but the actors save it from being a bad film. The script is often unrealistic, and some of the characters are overly dramatic, but at the same time, the acting is still convincing, and the story line is somewhat funny and cute. If you want to watch a very good movie that will leave you thinking, this isn't one of them, but if you want to laugh, smile, and fall in love with a cast, this movie would be a great choice.


scott g (mx) wrote: 2 early roles from catherin zeta jones, and a english acented ewen mcgregor in a supporting role, not a original film but all performances are good especially these two and showing there talent, but story, about raising money to keep a surfer cafe open in cornwall is engageing enough, with some nice british humour, and zeta jones is pretty hot here too,which helps

rur Ingi J (nl) wrote: A masterpiece of sophisticated horror. definitely one of my favourite movies. if you like stuff such as das experiment, eraserhead, one point o etc. youll love this.

Nick V (ca) wrote: It's basically Rocky III + Rocky IV with Hockey, which isn't a bad thing at all.

Chris G (au) wrote: What's wrong with this movie?(spoilers to follow)1) Nurse Ratched's fantastic new psychiatric device are two strobe lights.2) Linda Blair fondles Louis Flecther's breast.3) Richard Burton appears to be looking for the bar. 4) The fact that the church sends Merrin to exorcise Regan in the first film, but he is suddenly a heretic in this one.5) Wasn't there a Father Karras in the first one somewhere?6) Apparently Regan's mom is more concerned with her career and dumps off her daughter on the first shrink with strobe lights she could find.7) Balconies with partial rails for falling and fake falling.8) Locust documentary footage.9) The fact that the only plot point that actually made sense was Regan's tap dance recital.10) Gratuitous Ned Beatty cameo.11) Richard Burton's shirt during the last twenty minutes.12) James Earl Jones spitting cherry tomatoes at Richard Burton.13) The fact that ENNIO MORRICONE scored this piece of shit.14) The fact that not only does a taxi cab crash through a wrought iron and brick fence, a woman catches on fire, and a portion of the house implodes no one in the entire block comes out to see what the hell is going on even though there are numerous lights on throughout the neighborhood until...15) Richard Burton and Regan leave, stumbling in the wreckage of the house, then suddenly three thousand people show up asking Louis Flecther if she's OK while there's a charred corpse on the front stoop of the neighbor's house.16) A stainless steel bird house.

Justin E (es) wrote: The worst of their movies! Must re-edit ending to ever see ever again.

Lise L (es) wrote: Black humour and hilarious story!

Kelly P (ca) wrote: So much teenage angst!So many movies over the years have done homages to the "race" scene.