A young Tutsi woman and a young Hutu man fall in love amid chaos; a soldier struggles to foster a greater good while absent from her family; and a priest grapples with his faith in the face of unspeakable horror.

A young Tutsi woman and a young Hutu man fall in love amidst chaos; a soldier struggles to foster a greater good while absent from her family; and a priest grapples with his faith in the face of unspeakable horror. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Kinyarwanda torrent reviews

Jacob P (ca) wrote: It was ok...not the best zombie flick out there.

ankush j (it) wrote: Imtiaz ali's first movie..!! there were not many takers for this movie coz abhay was new and not a conventional looking hero. review: A natural love story, nothing's fancy or forced. just two unknowns meet for arranged marriage. they together decide not to succumb to the ways of family's arranged marriage. then they meet n meet again.. just talking..! awesome chemistry between actors.. very smart dialogues.. great humor all along..! It was my 12 board exams when it was released in my city. i had finished studying for the subject and still i had one day left for the exam, so i went out to check any new films. this was the only choice, i got offered. so i watched it. and half way through the movie i knew, this is gona become my fav movie of all time. and when film ended with the song "yara rubb" i had no doubts. the songs just got stuck in my mind. after exam of that subject. i went again to watch and took some friends with me too. when it came out in dvd i rented it, and then again and again. finally i bought it.give it try on some saturday night!

Brett C (nl) wrote: Review In A Nutshell:When one thinks of Studio Ghibli, the common names that would come up are Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata. Not many seem to mention the name, Hiroyuki Morita. Morita is responsible for directing Studio Ghibli's 2002 entry, The Cat Returns. This is a title that I rarely see being mentioned in the top 10 lists of the studio's filmography, and after seeing it, I can totally understand but this film certainly has its merits and enough are present that its flaws don't overwhelm my opinion towards this.The film's issues are found in its initial stages of the plot. It has failed to signify the ideas it was trying to push towards its audience, leaving me at times bored. It was when the film's protagonist, Haru, finds herself in the Cat Kingdom that I started to have so much fun with this. This side of the film may not include the most unique of plot drivers but the situations that unfold and the wonderful humour in its characters, allowed me to forgive all of narrative shortcomings. It is also during this area of the film that its messages starts to surface but I felt it would have made a more significant on the character and the audience if the first act of the film was handled with more thematic priority. The film only runs through an hour and 15 minutes, which I think was a strong choice as its randomness of the third act may not work on its audience if delivered at an extended period of time and its lack of emphasis on its themes would have resulted in the film feeling hollower.The film's visual style, at first did not seem great as it felt too safe and grounded for my taste, but once she crosses that threshold to a more magical world, then its visuals started to bloom. It was during this point in the film that I started to see the beauty and imagination that would be found in the best of the studio's filmography. Though I was impressed with this, it was clearly a step down from the director's peers; but since this is his debut film; it is understandable for this not to contain the highest grade of animation.The Cat Returns is a good film, but it isn't an extraordinary one. There is certainly potential from its director, Hiroyuki Morita, being able to blend imagination with reality in a more grounded kind of way and handle its comedic elements with effectiveness, allowing him to stand out from his peers.

Kutush K (es) wrote: Thoroughly interesting, the movie takes you to a state of emotional hiccups. I love this movie. One of my all time favs. And oh boy what a performance by that little chap. Respect.

Kyle M (nl) wrote: Generally thrilling and praising on some performances on the main cast is what make all legal thrillers alike with the same brain to the heart. But this particular John Grisham adaptation put emphasis to its subject. (B+)(Full review coming soon)

Timothy M (ag) wrote: Don't disgrace Billy Joel with your chump movies based off of his artwork... oops, I meant music.

Jim B (it) wrote: Its dirty harry with a lust for hookers. It was alright though.

Mereie d (br) wrote: Bizarre movie, not so much because of the way it??s been filmed, but because of its content. The story starts out in a plausible way: several lies come to the fore, but this is nothing unusual in mail-order relationships. Everyone tends to tell the occasional white lie for embellishment reasons (i.e. to impress the other), hoping they will eventually forgive you. And so it happens. Things become strange, though, when the lies appear to have a very bad (and criminal) background. When Louis Mah (Jean-Paul Belmondo) miraculously manages to catch up with the imposter, he starts doing what so many men do when fallen under the spell of a beautiful woman: he allows himself to be ensnared and is willing to risk everything, even when he realizes he should know better. The final shot in the snowy landscape is intriguing in this respect. Truffaut managed to present us with a bizarre story containing many unexpected twists, presented in a matter-of-fact way without losing any of the sultry atmosphere the story so requires. The ever-beautiful Catherine Deneuve and the still-relatively-young Jean-Paul Belmondo take care of the rest.

Carol D (br) wrote: Excellent dancing - Forgetable music

Timothy P (ca) wrote: Review #1: Just bad all aroundReview #2: Shitty feet

Mitt B (mx) wrote: I could not stand stand to wach Asylum films in entirety. Any reviewer like below who said Hercules Reborn is better than Legend of Hercules loses credibility.

Kaustubh P (ru) wrote: Even though the first half somewhat tested my patience with the film seemingly going nowhere, the awesome second half more than made up for it.

Melanie D (es) wrote: Plenty of entertaining characters and convincingly misleading enough that it's not hard to find yourself looking the wrong way, which is just what I want in a suspenser. Very well done and good, amusing entertainment. Thumbs up.