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Kiraathaka torrent reviews

Michael K (mx) wrote: Even though the film is set in one location (for the most part,) Scenic Route's script, and dialogue, not to mention acting keeps this movie intriguing. Although, the film starts of quick, there is a lag in the middle, but picks right back up to a great ending.

Nigel C (nl) wrote: A movie ultimately doomed as it's premise, that sea levels are rising at an unprecedented rate and threatening the Maldives, would appear to be completely false.Oh, and he has now had the rug pulled out from under him and been forced to resign.

Matthew P (us) wrote: watched this movie several times now and absolutely love it to bits

HappyFunTimePenguin (fr) wrote: Why does this have a rotten tomato

Michael S (ca) wrote: Classic case of an average film completely going off the rails at the end. The first two-thirds are decent enough. Halle Berry's asylum psychiatrist wakes up as a patient accused of slaughtering her husband. Then it turns into an eye-rolling ghost story. You can see the final act twist coming from a mile away.

Michael S (mx) wrote: Has a good human drama

Dillon L (us) wrote: The best Generation movie awesome

Paul J (ag) wrote: Another nasty that begins quite scandalously. A naked woman being sacrificed during a religious ritual. It's all very gruesome and illicit. Afterward, it becomes tedious. They show the exact same kind of killing three times without much difference. By the end, we're bored and wondering how much longer we have to sit through this tiresome flick. I suppose it could be worse. Watching Toxic Zombies again would qualify as that.

Thomas L (kr) wrote: Proxy is not at all what I was expecting, and that is the best thing that it has going for it. The trailer leads you to believe that you're in for some serious psychological / supernatural horror, and that s only partially true. It's acted reasonably well throughout. I must say that Proxy contains one of the worst fake baby bumps I have ever seen, perhaps the budget didn't allow for flesh with the proper skin tone. This is actually three quarters of a good film, but the final act is too muddled and nonsensical to support the build up. If you like twists, you will find plenty of them here, but don't expect much else.

James A (au) wrote: John Hurt's accent is terrible.