Kirikou and the Wild Beasts

Kirikou and the Wild Beasts

The film is a sub-story to Kirikou and the Sorceress rather than a straight sequel. The movie is set while Kirikou is still a child and Karaba is still a sorceress. Like Princes et princesses and Les Contes de la nuit, it is an anthology film comprising several episodic stories, each of them describing Kirikou's interactions with a different animals. It is however unique among Michel Ocelot's films, not only in that it is co-directed by Bénédicte Galup (who has previously worked with him as an animator) but also for each of the stories being written by a different person (in all other cases, Ocelot has been the sole writer and director of his films).

Kirikou's Grandfather says that the story of Kirikou and The Witch was too short, so he proceeds to explain more about Kirikou's accomplishments. We find out how little boy became a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sam B (jp) wrote: Fumbles around for most of its 90 minutes, and struggles to illustrate its premise, which is still in question when the credits start to roll. Marked by rough editing and cheesy transitions galore, a la film school student. The only redeeming feature of this film is the swimming/kissing scene near the end. The beauty of that is the only life in an otherwise horribly dull picture.

Evan M (mx) wrote: A great terrorizer of a story with an extremely likable villain. I enjoyed this film from top to bottom. From its great tone & mood, all the way to its cringeworthy moments. This film will be a classic.

Brandon S (br) wrote: A perfect hybrid of sci-fi, action and dry, deadpan comedy. What makes this movie genius is the fact that it's shot and directed in such a way that it could stand as a serious sci-fi mystery without the comedy; the hilarious comedy is simply a bonus. Barry Sonnenfeld is a genius.

Ryan G (kr) wrote: I thought Nick Nolte gave a great performance.

Sam W (mx) wrote: Good story but the ending left a little to desire.

Brian S (nl) wrote: It's not as good as it's magnificent predecessor, but it still is fun to watch. Before, the Predator creature was in the jungle, but this time he's into the city and fights Danny Glover, who is perfect for this role. There are more special effects in this movie than the first, I also noticed some film cliches but also a suprise ending. The same catch phrase from Schwazenegger, which is " You are one ugly motherfucker", is recycled again in this flick, which I didn't find to clever though. But anyways, recommended !!

Bill T (br) wrote: Although I'm not going to talk about EVERY segment, thank goodness! Aria, as a whole is of course, a somewhat uneven glorious mess, done by 10 directors, 10 different arias, and 10 different stories. They all seem to have one thing in common. Lots and lots of naked women. Not really sure if this was just a bizarre coincidence or if it was a requirement, but Aria seems totally nudity heavy.Anyways, I found the segments set in the present much more enjoyable then the ones in the past (which makes the arias that much more pretentious). My favorite, of course, was the ultra-bizarre Bud Cort / Beverly D'Angelo pairing about the cheating spouses. Lots of fun there. Close behind was the strange beauty of the Las Vegas one with Bridget Fonda. Again, not all of it (John Hurt anyone?) works, but some of it is interesting enough.

Tony P (gb) wrote: When this film was released in 1970 Spain was still under the regime of Franco however its cinema was definitely epic as this film proves.In a nutshell the film follows the story of a young Spanish girl Tristana (Catherine Deneve) who we discover at the start has been adopted by her recently deceased mother's friend Don Lope (Fernando Rey).What begins as an apparent adopted father/daughter relationship we discover turns into a more sexual nature although this is not shown on screen.Tristana begins the film as a timid virgin. Don Lope is a typical miserable socialist who would rather live with the minimum of material possessions to fund a workshy lifestyle.As the film develops Tristana breaks free from the hold of Lope and flees with lover Horacio (Franco Nero who some may recognise from Django and Django Unchained).However Tristan develops a setios illness and for some reason moves back in with Lope even taking the vow of marriage.She has her ill leg amputated and develops a sinister streak redulting in her inaction when Lope is dying.What begins the film as a timid young girl is now a confident/vengeful woman.Director Luis Buuel tells a good story of revenge in a world cinema (Spanish) setting.The film does not have the pacing of your average Hollywood release and this will probably put many off but it is a good story told by Buuel.

Jay M (it) wrote: It's a great telling of the battle of Tobruk in North Africa with an all star cast with Rock Hudson, Gerger Peppard and Nigel Green.

Linda N (ag) wrote: This is quite a thriller I had to watch a few times.