Kirpaan: The Sword of Honour

Kirpaan: The Sword of Honour

Kirpaan.. the sword of honour' is a family drama with various elements like patriotism, loss of identity among the young generation of today, family values, family honour, purpose in life, ...

Kirpaan.. the sword of honour' is a family drama with various elements like patriotism, loss of identity among the young generation of today, family values, family honour, purpose in life, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lukas Z (br) wrote: Retelling what we already knew about the Battlestar Pegasus, Razor details the events and gives us more insight on them. It is enjoyable for the most part but is made more interesting thanks to nods to the original series as well as setting up a chilling prediction for the final season.

Shawn B (gb) wrote: Albert Brooks is hilarious and basically calls what's going to happen to our society before reality tv blew up. Way before in fact. Satire done well.

Marcos S (es) wrote: Encontra sua fora na construo de personagens e nas performances absolutamente perfeitas de Keach, Bridges e Tyrrell!

Cruel U (ca) wrote: Another watered down remake for those too ignorant to read subtitles or too lazy to watch anything outside of the usual Hollywood tripe.

Facebook U (nl) wrote: The film is nice, but the extras shows that the film is significantly different from the true story. The town and the mine really helped the kids all along. As a kid, I tried myself to make rockets and they were not flying high at all. I did not make a good batch of black powder, after my good batch went in flame... The footages they have of their rockets are quite impressive. The film added some drama to keep interest, otherwise, it would have been the documentary in extras. The documentary is great and depicts a lot of things in the film happened as shown. The film is a pass if you watch the extra documentary.

Chris M (br) wrote: Highly recommended. Kubrick's mastery of the moving camera is fantastic during scenes walking through the trenches, and again during the brutal battlefield sequences. Later he maintains a terrible stillness during the awful scapegoating of soldiers for the failed debacle of an assault, purely to protect the reputations of the senior officers.Like Blackadder Goes Forth but without the laughs, this paints brilliantly the dehumanising impact of battle, the bravery and dignity of individual soldiers, and the inhuman disregard of the higher echelons of command for anyone and everyone beneath them.A classic that tells a powerful and simple story, in barely 85 minutes. Why can't more films be like this?

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John K (es) wrote: An odd political agenda runs through this 1981 horror / cop thriller about bizarre killings in New York City. A rich real-estate tycoon, his wife, and his driver are murder and mutilated in the Bronx and burned-out detective Dewey Wilson (played with no enthusiasm by Albert Finney) is on the case. Wolfen explores the spiritual connection between wolves and the Native American population of New York City. Edward James Olmos plays the primary native suspect for Dewey and he also supplies the bulk of movie's left-wing propaganda. The POV shots of the wolves are accompanied with a filteing effect that comes stock with most digital cameras nowadays, but in 1981 I'm sure it was expensive. Though there is a nice bloody set of kills in the openning scene, Wolfen is painfully short on meaningful action until the last 10 minutes and even then it is accompanied by a WTF kind of moment in the plot. Whether or not this movie was meant as a statement is irrelevant really. As a horror flick it's slow and rather uneventful and as a thriller it's less engaging than it should be.

Scott R (mx) wrote: A film that brings together some key players in the band's history and puts many of the intricacies and beauties of the band into words.