The fanclub of a deceased Japanese idol gather together for the one year anniversary of her death. By combining forces they try to unearth the true circumstances surrounding her supposed suicide.

One year after the suicide of C-list model Kisaragi Miki, five of her fans come together for a commemorative meeting; fan club leader Iemoto, Oda Yuji, "Snake", Yasuo, and "Strawberry Girl"... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Kisaragi torrent reviews

DC F (au) wrote: Ongoing sequels of crap and this was no exception. It took different direction and was more serious than previous entries that worked to its disadvantage.

Dan M (de) wrote: Damned to hell if you do and damned to hell if you don't. This is how underground espionage and extortion work. A white-knuckle ride.

Dusty L (ca) wrote: 50% on my Tomatometer.

Mike S (au) wrote: Very solid action packed adventure filled with guns, explosions, and, Christopher Walken as the bad guy. I really enjoyed the Rock and Sean William Scott's on screen chemistry together, very hilarious duo. Definitely one of The Rock's better movie's. I would recommend for sure.

Timothy S (nl) wrote: Since it became the benchmark for killer animal movies after its release, every film that has followed has simply been a variation of "Jaws" to some degree or another. Some have been entertaining and others simply wretched. The pleasantly diverting sleeper "Lake Placid" is one of the better ones, employing a nice and welcome sense of humor amid all of the standard horror film cliches. Credit screenwriter David E. Kelley as a fresh set of eyes to the genre to make that combination work so well together here. He's more famous for writing smart TV shows, and he puts his stamp all over this ridiculous thriller. The casting is a breath of fresh air as well, and the main cast of B-listers bring out the best in the script. Bridget Fonda and a completely out-of-place Oliver Platt are the best, and their random quips sometimes feel improvised. Still, the humor works within the context of this outlandish, preposterous story. The late great Stan Winston gets the credit for the creature effects, which are convincing for the most part. Even the CGI blends in nicely and is not so glaringly obvious. On the surface it may sound like yet another clunker on the late night Sy Fy channel, but the smart writing and unusual casting sets this apart. The basic premise is ludicrous, as are the explanations that Kelley comes up with to try to make it plausible, but "Lake Placid" scores points as a horror comedy that's fast-paced and actually funny. It's hardly great art, but you could do a lot worse on a Friday night.

Terry W (au) wrote: kick butt movie, Bogosian is just one nasty villain

Peter H (fr) wrote: An Australian cult classic, lost to most people

Ian E (kr) wrote: "Crimson Tide" has its suspense rise until it has its most intensity at the climax to attract intrigue from the audience while showcasing remarkably convincing performances from Denzel Washington and Gene Hackman.

Martin T (kr) wrote: Well, I'll be damned. A movie where I DON'T hate Walter Brennan's guts. As opposed to his usual Western persona (the doddering, cranky, heavily mannered, oafish, unfunny comic relief who looks like he smells very, very bad) here he's quite dignified. The film is a grim wartime political thriller based on the true story of a Reich official assassinated in Czechoslovakia. Based VERY loosely, however, as the events in the movie have little to do with reality. Directed by Fritz Lang and written by Bertolt Brecht, their hearts are in the right place. But if we're going call out movies for being overly propagandistic, we can't exclude those we happen to agree with. This is really heavy-handed, black/white, good/evil stuff. The camerawork is sophisticated, the script is not. Still, it's a solid thriller that manages to be sufficiently gripping despite its lengthy running time. Lang pulls off some marvelous shots. And besides, it's hard to get too worked up about anti-Nazi propaganda, no matter how ham-fisted. It's closer to the truth about Nazis than most other movies from the same period.

Seattle S (gb) wrote: Updated , neorealistic Panic in Needle Park. Film has an amazing backstory using many actors who were homeless NYC heroin addicts including the lead actress who wrote much of the screenplay in an Apple Store.

Al H (es) wrote: This film is better than all the Milla Jovovich's movies.

Christopher P (it) wrote: Fun and charming. Cameron Diaz proved herself a true movie star with this one.

Jon W (ag) wrote: Michael Ironside is very very creepy in this, more so than usual. The movie is overly long though, with a lot of Ironside sneaking around the hospital and then offing someone only to leave and come back later. A decent enough movie that could just use a little editing to be made better. Also it has William Shatner in it. I really like the cover art too.