Like a tale spun by Schehrazade, Kismet follows the remarkable and repeated changes of fortune that engulf a poor poet. It all happens in one incredible day when Kismet (Fate) takes a hand.

Like a tale spun by Scheherazade, Kismet follows the remarkable and repeated changes of fortune that engulf a poor poet. It all happens in one incredible day when Kismet (Fate) takes a hand. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lisa T (mx) wrote: Kind of bizarre. Not for everyone. Dark and quirky humor. But I liked it.

therin c (nl) wrote: Very slow but cool movie

Ashley S (de) wrote: This movie was the biggest waist of 2 hours of my life! So pathetic! Don't waist your time.

Niklas S (es) wrote: Do you wanna know what's going on inside of the head of Takashi Kitano. Well, he invites you inside in this movie about his mind. People may think that this is very narcissistic of him but I like to think that he made this movie for himself and his closest fans. It has great imagery and is still a lot of fun.

Elvis F (au) wrote: Better than the first one, but not nearly enough gratuitous boob shots.

Honor M (es) wrote: Exactly what I thought it would be, nothing special

Rachel S (ru) wrote: sounds cool. Whoopi Goldberg is funny.

Errol W (au) wrote: This would have made a nice little hour long story; it felt very dragged out over a full hour and a half. It's a pretty obvious statement on reality tv an the manipulation that comes with it. Even more relevant today I suppose but it looks outdated already and reality tv is even more bland and sanitised these days. Enjoyable enough though.

Apriliana R (kr) wrote: a really cute romance movie.. I never get bored...

Mark N (gb) wrote: Cast Mick Jagger in your movie as anything other than background and its a guaranteed bomb.. thankfully after this mess that lesson was mostly learned. Time travel as a plot device is either golden or poison and the befuddled plot loses its way before it even begins.

Simeon D (it) wrote: Silent German character study with a masterfully tragic performance from Emil Jannings and innovative tracking camerawork by F W Murnau. Emotionally gripping and the story still resonates. The ending is very absurdly deus ex machina though. Probably one of the defining early works of European cinema and, along with Nosferatu, Tabu, Sunrise, and Faust, validates F W Murnau as the sole creative genius behind German Expressionism. 98/100

william m (nl) wrote: Ambitious, but I never bought into what the movie was selling.

Tomas S (ag) wrote: A peek into the world of top-notch scientists that spend their careers searching for a stepping-stone for generations to come. That's dedication. Oh, and the equipment is fascinating.

Sundiata W (ru) wrote: Worth watching. Good action.

Dinesh P (ru) wrote: I ended up watching this movie mistaking it to San Andereas of the Rock. Anyway the movie so bad that you will forward most of the movie. The direction is like a new intern who is learning. And for the special effects even the Tv Series has bettter effect than this movie. Please do not watch it.