Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

A petty thief posing as an actor is brought to Los Angeles for an unlikely audition and finds himself in the middle of a murder investigation along with his high school dream girl and a detective who's been training him for his upcoming role...

A murder mystery brings together hard-boiled private eye Perry van Shrike, struggling actress Harmony Lane, and two-bit crook Harry Lockhar masquerading as an actor. Investigating the case, Harry and Perry become suspicious of the party guests who have all become suspects, as Harry and Perry set out to uncover the murderer's identity, Harry finds himself falling in love with Harmony. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Kiss Kiss Bang Bang torrent reviews

kat p (kr) wrote: It looks like a good movie

Mohammed A (mx) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Austin G (ru) wrote: Why not just go shoot Ian instead of committing the crime before he does? Nevertheless, National Treasure is a decent action movie despite an implausible plot.

Laney C (gb) wrote: This is stupid funny.

Michael O (gb) wrote: O Brother Where Art Thou tells the story of Everett, Pete and Delmar three members of a Mississippi prison chain gang who embark on a quest to gain their freedom and pursue money and glory. Taking place during the 1930s and the depression era the plot situated on the trios search for a lost treasure, which later turns out to be an idea and not just gold. Along the way there is conflict between the characters as their own interests come in between the central goal that they have. Meanwhile Sheriff Cooley is on the trail to pursue our heroes and they most use the eccentric and downright detestable at times characters that they meet along the way to move on in their quest. The allusion throughout the film borrows from Homer's The Odyssey as the main character Everett's middle name is Ulysses which is Odysseus in Greek. The whole film fits in the archetype of the quest of the quest as they as characters like Everett are looking to restore their marriage, and Delmar and Pete are looking for recognition security and their freedom. The treasure symbolically is being accepted and gaining their freedom. We see more allusions to the Odyssey with one-eyed Big Dan as the Cyclops, the three girls by the river as the Sirens, Sheriff Cole as the villain, Everett's wife marrying someone else when he comes home and the Baptism at the water just to name a few. One of the more intriguing elements was the blind man on the hand-pumped railway that tells the companions that they would not find the treasure they seeked, which mirrors the prophet that Odysseus consults in the underworld. I found the largest foreshadow in the song that played at the beginning of the film and then throughout called "The Man of Constant Sorrow", which was directly foretelling of the character Odysseus whose name means "man who is constant pain and sorrow." It was very interesting to see film and famous literature intersect at such a complex level and all of this is easy to miss if you do not pay attention or have not read Homer. The Resolution of the film was fulfilling as the three heroes are pardoned and then survive a flood when the dam breaks. Everyone is left off in better suits and it mirrors the conclusion of the Odyssey. This was an entertaining film that was witty, funny and enthralling and one I would watch again just for the soundtrack alone. The archetype of the quest is clearly present as they are searching to restore and bring back the old within their lives and to renew what was lost from before and it may also fit into the archetype of the journey as well.

Juli N (gb) wrote: The film captured the glorious days of black and white horror films! William Dafoe's performance blew me away!

Daniel P (es) wrote: One of the most depressing but gripping 'struggle in the closet' films I have ever seen, with a fantastic, charismatic and emotive performance from anti-hero Alex Dimitriades (who, judging from his IMDB page, needs to get a better agent). It's a niche subject perhaps, which is then squeezed into another minority - a traditional Greek family - but it's expertly written and played and actually has broad appeal. Ari's downward spiral (he starts close to the gutter and disappears into it by the time of the slightly rushed, bleaker than bleak ending) is gripping and entirely believable, the Aussie streets have a grimy/murky, hellish feel and some of the lines cross the boundaries of sexy/disturbing/distressing ("don't spill it"). Kinetic direction and a brilliant (and now nostalgic) soundtrack both ground and enhance a very good film. Pity about the off-putting poster art.

john o (de) wrote: It was pretty good but very boring, but performances are good and not bad all round.

Jonny P (nl) wrote: I remember seeing this movie when I was younger and laughing at the one crazy lady. I should see this again.

Panos M (jp) wrote: The biggest flaw is the lack of realism.

Mark P (nl) wrote: Dude takes a drive through the hills with his girlfriend because he feels drawn to some old farm that belonged to his grandparents, meets up with a bunch of his college friends including a magician who knows kung fu, an old man warns them not to go, they go anyway and accidentally summon some demons. So yeah, quintessential american straight to video horror. I quite liked this one though! It starts off with some seriously excellent scenes that build a totally savage backwoods horror atmosphere, but it turns into a pretty blatant Evil Dead ripoff pretty quickly, right down to the voices of the demons. Anyway, this was enjoyable enough. There's some nice gore and annoying characters that get savaged, plus a few cool scenes, like a hatched egg full of maggots. Faceless, but fun.

Lesley H (it) wrote: the name comes from one rant by the kidnapper about the fact that hes sick of the rich folks "juggling the books" (aka fucking up his real estate situation so he has to tolerate minorities) so this time, HE'LL be doing the juggling! (which i suppose means collecting ransom for a little girl in overalls...)

Kyle B (kr) wrote: Alan Alda and Ellen Burstyn are terrific in this providing tremendous chemistry that keeps you hooked into this play adaptation.

Karsh D (mx) wrote: classic dirty Harry film as Callahan tracks down a group of vigilantes.

Frances H (us) wrote: The kind of shoot 'em up Civil War flick that Hollywood did so very well, with a slick tongue in cheek script, plenty of star power, glorious technicolor, and a real cattle stampede (although How the West Was Won had the best stampede scene, but that was buffalo). They don't make movies like this anymore.

Brad S (br) wrote: Every once in a while, there's a classic film that I just don't get...this is one of them. A classic film from talented director/actor featuring a much beloved character from several films was just plain boring to me. I can see the talent of the director, but for me it was a comedy that wasn't funny and just plain dragged. I suggest watch if you want to give it a try, as it is much loved.

Hector J (de) wrote: A classic and an innovative movie that still holds up today. The actors are amazing with Harold Lloyd being funny in almost every scene. Trying to impress the girl at the department store is hilarious as well as any other scene he's in. The other supporting actors are good as well with the best part being the climb up the department store. Just watch it since I can't spoil the whole movie since it is just so impressive and an amazing watch today.

Paul D (mx) wrote: A fantastically beautiful film that matches the book amazingly! & Michelle Williams is quite a wonderful actress.