Kiss Me, Kill Me

Kiss Me, Kill Me

A quiet, professional killer, Hyun-jun, arrives at a house to kill a man in his sleep, only to discover a woman alone under the sheets. Jin-young has decided to kill herself after a traumatic break up with her lover of seven years, but she wants to go out with a bang, not with a miserable and lonely dose of commonplace sleeping pills. The most extraordinary love story begins.

Also called Kiss me, Kill me A contract killer's life gets complicated when he fails to kill his target, a girl who wants to die because of a bad break-up. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul D (br) wrote: The plot is already developed when the film begins, as it we are joining it in a point at time. The series of events that follow are more cause and effect of the plot in action rather than a direct storyline, but it works.

David Ray G (nl) wrote: You know why this movie is titled "(Untitled)"? Because they couldn't really find a title for it. And the parenthesis is just there for effect. I have very strange standards when it comes to movies about art. And this one was a movie I couldn't get into. Very boring and low-key and pretentiously artsy. The characters were easy enough to like, but I ultimately didn't care about them. For those who've seen Boogie Woogie here's a different version of it.

Jason R (ru) wrote: this is an a fantastic movie

Simon D (au) wrote: wasn't a bad film but it got a bit stupid at the end with the genderblind fight against her boyfriend. Had a lot of potential and didn't really go over the top as I thought it might. A poor mans Million Dollar Baby.

Gavin D (br) wrote: This is a masterful thriller, and though there are a couple of cheap horror tricks, they are forgiven. I'd love to see more of this kind of thing.

Rola a (ag) wrote: i love this movie it reminds me of good days

Gary B (kr) wrote: Loved, loved, loved this. Talk about a gay mans wet dream! I don't care what the critics said it is Amazingly fabulous!

Matthew R (gb) wrote: just watched Billy Wilder's gritty, tense WWII POW drama "Stalag 17" (made in 1953). William Holden, Peter Graves, Harvey Lembeck, Robert Strauss, Don Taylor, and Neville Brand are all brilliant. Lembeck and Strauss bring a lot of humour that both lightens and underlines the drama and tension. Wilder casts fellow director Otto Preminger in an acting role as the Camp Commandant. It's the story of a group of American prisoners in Stalag 17 as they come to realise that one of their number is an informant. Everyone suspects Sefton (William Holden) because he has a lot of sweet deals with the camp commanders, wheeling and dealing to get privileges. The tension builds around whether he really is the informant and if not then who it is. Once you find out who it is, the tension shifts to what Sefton will do and how he can expose the informant or whether the informant will continue to get away with reporting his information to the Nazis. Interesting to compare this to the tv series "Hogan's Heroes" which was set around a group of allied prisoners in Stalag 13, and which also featured a somewhat bumbling German Sergeant named Schultz. (Everyone involved in "Hogan's Heroes" has always denied that there was any direct influence between the film and the sitcom). Stalag 17 is a brilliant film that shifts from humour to tension and drama and the finale is a little edge of the seat.

j b (de) wrote: hilarious unscripted scenes. must watch