Kiss Me, Stupid

Dino, the charming and lecherous Las Vegas singer, stops for gas on his way to Hollywood in Climax, Nevada

Dino goes to a bar, where he meets the real Zelda, and they spend the night together while Polly spends it with Orville. She doesn't like Dino, but does love being Orville's surrogate wife. To entertain Dino, Barney contacts the village tart, Polly, employing her to pretend to be Orville's wife, Zelda, for a night. By disabling Dino's car, Barney contrives a scheme to have Dino sing one of their songs on an upcoming TV special. The oily gas station attendant is Barney Millsap, a would-be lyricist who writes pop songs with Orville Spooner, the local piano teacher. Dino, the charming and lecherous Las Vegas singer, stops for gas on his way to Hollywood in Climax, Nevada

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Users reviews

Andruw F (us)

ut in the end, it's good enough, and elevated so much by the fact that it actually feels like part of the series!. It's the same director and writer of Tokyo Drift, which shows why it's still not great. The biggest thing that makes this movie good is the fact that it's the sequel to the first movie that we've been waiting for, and may have even wanted

Ashley H (de)

ll in all this is a truly entertaining adventure with Flynn as dashing and heroic as only he could be!. The score by Max Steiner is very fast paced and exciting and the duel between Flynn and Douglas is also nicely staged. Robert Douglas is no Basil Rathbone but he still makes a fine villain. Viveca Lindfors plays the Queen with grace and a strong will and her beauty further enhances her performance. Though Flynn isn't exactly in his prime here, nobody was ever better as the dashing devil may-care swashbuckling hero! Once again Flynn is reunited with his greatest screen sidekick Alan Hale, who is a delight. [i]Adventures of Don Juan[/i] was the last of the great swashbuckling classics Errol Flynn would star in

Carolyn G (kr)

if you want to see the most hideous display of boomer narcissism ever put to celluloid, this is the movie for you

Edith N (au)

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James H (ru)

Light and fun. Far-fetched, but it does entertain, thanks to some good performances and an enjoyable plot

James O (it)

Decent action and a story that deserved to be put to film. Some good scenes from inside the spitfires. Its ok but not up there with Memphis Belle for best airforce pictures

Joby D (de)

I really loved Gettysburg and the book, but walked out of this movie it was so boring. This was a huge letdown

John C (mx)

decent story, two wonderful actors antonio and woody and a great boxing finale help makes this film worth looking at

John W (us)

Overall, it moves at a slower, but steady pace and, for both leads, it is as much about what has happened as it is about what is happening. Beharie delivers an excellent, layered performance, almost entirely from within one room. Fascinating character study

Joseph E (br)

A flop in the box office, but a hit in my heart!