Kiss of Death

Kiss of Death

Small-time crook Nick Bianco gets caught in a jewel heist and despite urgings from well-meaning district attorney D'Angelo, refuses to rat on his partners and goes to jail, assured that his wife and children will be taken care of. Learning that his depressed wife has killed herself, Nick informs on his ex-pals and is paroled. Nick remarries, gets a job and begins leading a happy life when he learns one of the men he informed on, psychopathic killer Tommy Udo, has been released from custody and is out for revenge against Nick and his family.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:98 minutes
  • Release:1947
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   prison,   robbery,  

With his law-breaking lifestyle in the past, an ex-con, along with his family, attempt to start a new life, knowing a betrayed someone from the past is bound to see otherwise. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carlos Z (nl) wrote: Quite dumb and boring.

William R (ag) wrote: Slow burning and well made and acted but not something to watch on a regular basis.

James c (it) wrote: this movie is great yo i liked the bit where yugi summoned the dark magician girl not enough cleavage tho

Han G (ca) wrote: I have seen this movie 20 time and i love the hell out of it

Jason S (us) wrote: I dont know how to even describe this horror film - but I have to say that I am mentally disturbed and have had nightmares since the premiere of the film at Sundance 2009. Strangely, I really enjoyed it... What Mickey Roarke had with 'The Wrestler,' Ms. Carrie Fisher will have her comeback here (lol).

Simon H (kr) wrote: I wonder how long it will be before someone reads this. If you're the first please type a date and time into the review box. I will be amazed if it's in less than a weeks time.19/08/07 at 22:57.

Dimity P (de) wrote: This wasn't as bad as I thought it would be...don't know if I'd really recommend it but at least if it's playing on a plane, it prolly won't make you want to kill yourself.

Hctor C (kr) wrote: A must in Spanish cinema. "Podra contar mi vida uniendo casualidades". Curiosamente por casualidad hoy la he visto. Solo quien sepa donde estuve un 14-15 de octubre de 2010 y me dijo que la viera, entendera la casualidad. Lloramos los dos y nunca volvio a ser igual.

Robert B (ag) wrote: Jade (William Friedkin, 1995)[originally posted 22Oct2000]Good things about Jade:1. Gratuitous use of Loreena McKennitt...Okay, I'll try to be fair. Things that SHOULD have been good about Jade:1. William Friedkin. What the hell was he thinking?2. David Caruso, if he hadn't been trying to sound exactly like Russell Crowe3. Chazz Palminteri, if he hadn't been trying to be Joe Mantegna4. Richard Crenna attempting to use the F-word in a serious conversation, had Friedkin been filming it for laughsI mean, this guy directed The Exorcist! He's won Oscars! He's good at what he does! Honest! But the whole responsibility for this exceptionally boring film can't lie on the head of scriptwriter Joe Eszterhas-who really hasn't written a decent script in thirteen years now-alone. Some directors are capable of taking mediocre scripts and turning them into fantastic films. Hell, Friedkin did it earlier this year with Rules of Engagement, to an extent.So what happened here? I don't know. Perhaps Friedkin was as bored with the movie as I was. An old, rather powerful man gets killed in a way that suggests a sexual killing. Over time, the lead investigator (Caruso) uncovers what looks like a very high-class prostitution ring. Hmmmm. Law and Order and NYPD Blue hadn't been doing that sort of thing on television for five years already. No, not at all. Aside from a little more nudity than you'll find on NYPD Blue (and to be fair, Linda Fiorentino is a lot easier to look at than Dennis Franz!) and a little more profanity than you'll find on any police drama, there's nothing here you won't find on prime time. Prime time usually has plot twists that work, though. (Half a star for Loreena McKennitt.)

Jake W (au) wrote: Decent domestic drama. I'm glad Mary Stuart Masterson won the NBR for Supporting Actress because she was really good in this film, as she always is. Glenn Close and James Woods are also very fitting for their roles. The performances are good, but the conflict is pretty bland and doesn't even make itself seen until the last few minutes of the film. Still, the writing for the movie is pretty good, even considering that there's not a lot going on.

John B (ca) wrote: I liked it. Take it for what it is, just a fun, goofy film.

Andy C (br) wrote: I enjoyed this romantic tale of love and lust through the written page. The actors have chemistry and the pain of love lost is engaging and heartfelt.

Orlok W (es) wrote: A personal revenge that carries suspense, drive and grim realism--Ravioli Western!!

Dave J (kr) wrote: Friday, November 5, 2010 (1958) Man of the West WESTERN The plot involves Gary Cooper bumping into old reckless cohorts bringing forth his dark past, when trying to run away from it with each new revelation as the film progresses! What stands out the most are the ruthless killers, Cooper used to bond and got away from who're some of the most sadistic killers ever portrayed for a Western film! Not the best Western, but with it's bright colors without losing focus in terms of it's story warrants this film a pass! A film intent for James Stewart to star in, but turned it down! 2.5 out of 4

Adam R (mx) wrote: A little more stupid than the first movie, but still wacky and entertaining. I love the Slinky scene. Everyone loves a Slinky! (First viewing - Teen years)

Darwin K (br) wrote: interesting but uneven remake.

Armando B (jp) wrote: There's no way this movie is getting compare to "Juno" or "Donnie Darko". The writing was terrible, Kat Jennings did really good for a poorly written movie. I like her a lot as an actress, but the movie just say no to it unless your into that. I just really didn't like this movie, I didn't hate it, but I definitely did not like it. So for this being a bad film but for Kat Jennings being so awsome in this film, I give "Daydream Nation" a D.

Jerrold R (ca) wrote: Dark but good plot and acting. I liked it.

Bill B (mx) wrote: The film that introduced me to Jesse Eisenberg, this one is really interesting, because Campbell Scott dances around the blatant hostility that some men have towards women while showing the young man that it's not entirely on him to impress a female; they have to impress him as well.Campbell forces the kid out of his shell and puts him in a position to be a decent person, or (God forbid) go the way his uncle has, turning his aggression towards women as a defense mechanism to keep everything aloof and cold.Great flick, recommended, would be a good double bill with In The Company Of Men, which is much more hateful. Dunno which one you should open with though...

Thomas P (it) wrote: Fully enjoyed this, and also the director's commentary. Anyone on a family vaca will get something out of this.Nice comic bits throughout, nothing heavy, including some surprising special guests, and hilarious rolling eyes from the kids.A joyful trip.4 out of 5