Kiss of Life

Kiss of Life

Helen lives in London with her father and her kids. John, her husband, is an aid-worker in Eastern Europe. He has been gone many months. Helen is desperately anxious that he should come home. Taking the kids to school one morning, she is killed in a car accident. She remains caught in limbo, trapped between life and death. Many miles away, in war-torn Eastern Europe, John is unaware that his wife has died. As Helen herself is unaware that she is dead. Thus begins, a four-day Odyssey: Grandpa and the kids must come to terms with Helen's death; John must travel across a war-torn land as he tries to reach home; and Helen must stand helplessly observing her own existence as it comes back to haunt her - until at last she is reconciled with John, and thus released.

Helen lives in London with her father and her kids. John, her husband, is an aid-worker in Eastern Europe. He has been gone many months. Helen is desperately anxious that he should come ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jax R (gb) wrote: I know the ratings said it was rubbish but I wanted to judge it for myself. BIG mistake! Trust the reviews!!!!!!!!! Don't bother.

K Nife C (us) wrote: None of the reviews to this mentioned Neil Hamburger. This is, essentially, a Sisyphean biopic about Neil Hamburger's career (with a Lynchean twist!). Great shots. Everything else sucks horribly. Sitting through this film was arduous. Without the payoff of a joke that is an occasional happenstance on a Neil Hamburger record, this movie just seems flat. Not even the silly extras (or friends of Rick or Gregg) pulled a laugh out of me. Such a sad film about comedy, and a laughless film about existential worthlessness. But that's ENTERTAINMENT!!!!! sadness and mediocrity. I wish I could drink enough to forget more of this film.

Tim H (kr) wrote: Intense and shocking

Kevin R (fr) wrote: Wake up. Come back to yourself.A brother and sister from the United States reside in Tokyo. They scrape by to make ends meet with the brother being a drug dealer and the sister working in a stripper/sex parlor or sorts. The brother hates his sister's job and tries to do his best to get her out of this trade, but his line of work gets him in trouble and shot. The sister's life only gets worse after the brother's death."He sticks his finger in his ass and then wipes it on the back of your neck."Gaspar Noe, director of Irreversible, Love, I Stand Alone, Destricted, 7 Days in Havana, and Shot Plays, delivers Enter the Void. The storyline for this is pretty interesting and is a unique way of delivering the "how drugs can ruin your life" storyline. I thought the characters were very well written and delivered and the cast includes Paz de la Huerta, Emily Alyn Lind, Olly Alexander, Nathaniel Brown, and Cyril Roy."Did you fuck my mom?"I recently came across this on Netflix and had to add it to my queue. I will say this isn't as good as other films in the genre (Trainspotting and Requiem for a Dream), but it does have its own elements, great colors and special effects, and entertaining presentation. I recommend seeing this once."It's a plant that takes you somewhere."Grade: B-

Chris D (mx) wrote: Great movie series, Must See On Blu-Ray to appreciate....

Angel M (fr) wrote: One of the most interesting movies I have ever seen on Netflix.

Shannon P (it) wrote: good continuing story

Justin C (de) wrote: Very good! As good as the 1st one and it explains a lot about the 1st movie!~

Ma R (it) wrote: Fascinating. Hints at all that Nolan would become. Great example of what can be done with limited resources.

Allan C (ag) wrote: Cheh Chang and the Venom Mob are back in what may be one of my favorite of their many martial arts films. This one goes the route Zatoichi with disability based martial arts. Three men crippled by an evil warlord learn kung fu in order to exact their revenge. The martial arts acrobatics are top notch and impressive even by Venom Mob standards. The film is also helped by the fact that there is essentially wall-to-wall fight scenes. I was particularly impressed with the fight senses involving metal rings. Overall, this film is a real martial arts classic that would make a good entry point for anyone looking to get into kung-fu film of the 70s.

Thomas M (jp) wrote: I won't begrudge this movie any lack of creativity, especially with its blobs and surreal establishing shots that still creep out decades later. But the start-n-stop script doesn't do anyone any favors. This is one of the shorter movies from the Shochiku studio, but feels like the longest.

Joe C (ca) wrote: The most intimate family drama around, Ozu's film is simplicity personified: an elderly couple visit their children and grandchildren, become a burden, go home and then the grandmother gets ill. What kidnaps your attention in Tokyo Story is a smile, a sigh, a well-timed look of defeat. Tokyo Story is often called a masterpiece with very good reason. The cast do an excellent job, managing to make you feel all the more emotional by saying nothing at all. Ozu also uses the back drop of Japan to wonderful effect, exaggerating the coldness the parents feel from their children. It is the most stylish cinematic experience imaginable, defined by a low static camera, random facial close-ups and unique use of sound. Much more soulful and engaging than its arthouse rep suggests, Tokyo Story is a tender, tragic and transcendent picture of old age ignored.

Jake P (ag) wrote: Really enjoyed this film. I found the caper scenes to be well down and thrilling tho it dies drag on at times.

Senor C (us) wrote: Some genuine laughs in a witty script that's fun for old horror bluffs as well. Poor Count Dracula will never be able to enjoy the simple things in life like garlic to see both The Jefferson's (Isabel Sanford & Sherman Hemsley) in cameos

Marcus B (nl) wrote: The director clearly goes for the style and feel of those old classics with Bogie and Steward and I must admit that there are moments when he comes tantalizingly close to reaching his goal. Unfortunately, the plot is too weak and never really engaged me. Also, the ending was ridiculous - there was no last ditch evacuation of International Settlement in Shanghai, so if this story took place in real world, Cusack would have been interned, while Gong would have ended up as entertainment girl for IJA.

Nate T (br) wrote: A slow and rambling film has a good cast but very little else to recommend it. On Blu-Ray.

Tom D (au) wrote: This movie is historically accurate in that it does not try to repeat and propagate the "official story." A lot of good, solid evidence suggests that 9/11 was the biggest government conspiracy ever (nope, we were not attacked by muslims with boxcutters on that day), but Oliver Stone is not pushing any conspiracy theory here, either the official or alternative one. It's a touching well-made movie.