Kiss the Blood Off My Hands

Kiss the Blood Off My Hands

Bill Saunders, a former prisoner of war living in England, whose experiences have left him unstable and violent, gets into a bar fight in which he in kills a man and then flees. He hides out with the assistance of a nurse, Jane Wharton, who believes his story that the killing was an accident.

Fugitive Bill Saunders and lonely nurse Jane Wharton are crossed by fate when he hides out in her apartment. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Allan C (nl) wrote: Probably the best new martial arts film I've seen in some time. From Woo-Ping Yuen in his first solo directing effort since 1993's "Iron Monkey," he really knocks this one out of the park in terms of offering some amazing fight scenes. The film follows the story of Beggar Su, who is the creator of Drunken Boxing, before he became a beggar. Su retired from the arm to be a family man, only to have his family destroyed by an evil step brother, who is irresponsibly using the Five Venom Fists. Su's father killer the step brother's father for doing the same, so the step brother now want's revenge for his father's killing by destroying Su. When Su's life and family are torn apart he turns to booze and goes downhill, but redeems himself in the end, though not after some very odd multiple climaxes. The is badly structured and the melodramatics common to Chinese films are way over-the-top, but that's not why you watch a Yuen Woo-Ping film. You watch them for some amazing fights. I'd really thought I was done with martial arts wire work fights and bores with that style of fight films, but Woo-Ping made me realize that seeing it done well is all you need to make it exciting and fun to watch. This film is a must see for martial arts fan, but others should probably steer clear. And one interesting factoid, Woo-Ping directed an early hit of Jackie Chan's in 1978 about the same character in "Drunken Master" though Chan's film took a much more comic approach.

Corey B (nl) wrote: Jigsaw is a freakin genius

Aaron C (jp) wrote: movies about (making) movies are a bit iffy if you ask me, but this one manages to create a feeling of intrigue despite the wooden acting from d'arcy and bernal. ultimately, the many switchbacks between vidcam and "real life" were merely distracting and did not add to the suspense of the film. and the ending is a bit of a anticlimax. nonetheless, an admirable effort at being a different kinda "reality" film. just so not my genre.

Andrew L (mx) wrote: Has its moments, but overall the film is just a big snoozefest and an underwhelming sequel.

Jeff B (ca) wrote: Samuel L. Jackson does a great job as a vigilante teacher just trying to do his job amidst the bullshit of a messed up legal and education system. I didn't care for the Gran Torino ending however.

Tami D (us) wrote: At least Sandra only had sex with male corpses, just like the good Lord intended.

Lee M (nl) wrote: This a strong exercise in mood, atmosphere, and symbolism early in Mike Figgis's career, but the script and performances leave something to be desired.

Jonathon W (kr) wrote: Hezog at his best!!!!

Mayda A (nl) wrote: Thankfully this sequel wasn't terrible; I swear I felt some of the feelings that they were feeling, yet I've never been in love. I've had moments where I wept because of the intensity and sincerity that these people expressed. I'm highly anticipating in watching the last part of this magnificent trilogy. It's much sadder than the first because their lives have changed. Nevertheless I'm in awe.

Bruce B (de) wrote: Its not often I give a Black & White Movie anything above 3 stars, Its just hard to obtain that status, don't get me wrong, Hitchcock can do it, and there have been a few others, but I don't think Alpha Video has much in there library that gets up in that category. But this movie does. Not what I call a horror movie, more of a suspense type move, that came out in 1960, and back then everyone was competing with Hitchcock and the Sci-Fi boys from Japan, But this movie sparked my interest from start to finish, In a time when Jazz Players were better know as Beatniks and also carried the label as being bad, Tom Steward played by Richard Carson is our Jazz Player, who is going to marry rich girl Sandy Hubbard, who is played by Susan Gordon who in real life is Bert I Gordon's (The Director of this Film)Daughter. Now Susan didn't miss a beat she was an outstanding actress in this movie. Anyway Tom has a little side action on the side who shows up on the Island and he's got to get rid of her, what better way then to take her to the top of the lighthouse to slip off, Tom had a chance to save her but he lets kill two birds (or one Bit*h) with one stone. Well she comes back to haunt Tom. I will not go into details to give the rest away, but if your a Black & White Buff this should be in your collection. 4 1/2 stars easy.

Aaron G (br) wrote: A fever dream of a movie, a tribute to the ethereal qualities so prevalent in the Val Lewton films of the early 40s.