Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye

Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye

James Cagney plays Ralph Cotter, a career criminal who escapes from prison, then murders his partner in crime. Along they way he attempts to woo his ex partner's sister (Barbara Payton) by threatening to expose her role in his escape. Cotter quickly gets back into the crime business only to be shaken down by local corrupt cops.

Starting with a violent prison break, clever, ruthless Ralph Cotter corrupts everyone around him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Naahc S (fr) wrote: whatever you do don't listen to most of the reviews from the supposed 'top critics' because most of them don't know what they're talking about. the movie completely touches the heart and is very funny.

Kristine B (jp) wrote: uhmmm i went to go c this movie n we got in free cuz we were late n we left early.. soo i kinda c this

Ray C (fr) wrote: This film was uplifting, heart wrenching, and at times very encouraging. The film showed the strength behind courage as well as perseverance, while continuously placing the protagonist in difficult situations. As well it highlights the power that one person has to make change in a society that may not be their own. Where it loses it's intrigue is it's lack of dialogue, which made an emotional connection to the protagonist that much more difficult. Plus it was difficult to relate to the Horse as it was placed in situations that we as humans would never face.

Geoffrey O (ca) wrote: It's an enjoyable little prequel/sequel to Psycho, and explores more of the Norman Bates story. It's pretty straight-forward, and isn't anything special movie-making-wise. But it's worth watching if you're a Psycho fan. It basically covers the same material as Bates Motel (the new one), and while it's not as scary or interesting, it's entertaining nonetheless. At the very least, it offers some great performances from Anthony Perkins, Olivia Hussey, and Henry Thomas, as well as more great writing from the original Psycho screenwriter, Joseph Stefano.

David Ray G (ag) wrote: As far as movies with teachers changing their students' lives are concerned, not many hold a candle to this one - the predecessor, pretty much. Amazing performances, social impact and commentary, the outlining of an era. Right and wrong meet as the lines are blurry, and this movie shows that even if some people don't want to be saved, some do and can be.

Chad D (nl) wrote: A ton of up and coming actors that shine grace the stage in Alpha Dog, a movie that tells an unflinching and incredibly unnerving portrayal of violence rampant throughout a group of adolescents. Incredibly well acted, Alpha Dog is a stand out for many of its young stars and strikes at the deepest of feelings with its incredibly down-to-earth source material.

Dave J (de) wrote: Wednesday, October 9. 2013 (2007) Memory MYSTERY THRILLER Despite the happy ending, it's hard to recommend a movie for being incomplete. There's a reason why authors shouldn't be allowed to adapt their own books into movies for this is a prime example about what can happened to a premise that could've been interesting. The movie stars Billy Zane as Taylor Briggs who has just infected himself with some red powder but it's really red sand. And he's also an expert on Alzheimer's because of his mother since he figures that it's hereditary. As a result of touching some red sand, he starts to somehow relive on a hallucination involving an abduction of a little girl during the year he was born which was back in 1971. And as a result of frequent dreams like it, he then asks his friend who's a neurologist for his help since he suspects that theirs a connection. Now, the revelations as well as the ideas are intriguing but the payoff is bland leaving viewers with more questions than it gets any answers such as how much involvement is the Dennis Hopper character. And what about the Billy Zane's character's health since it's labelled as toxic. Since when do hospitals discard toxic sand into garbage cans. You know if this film was remade again, I would go and watch it since all it needs is a lot of patching up, but for now we are stuck with this mediocre effort. 2 out of 4 stars