Kisse Pyaar Karo?n

Kisse Pyaar Karo?n

Two men abduct a woman who wants to alienate them from their friend.

Two men abduct a woman who wants to alienate them from their friend. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brandon W (kr) wrote: This is actually the first vampire film that I've watched from beginning to end, and I remember that I said it was decent, but not the best vampire film I have seen even though it's the first vampire movie. I didn't understand why at the time, but when I saw it on TV, not only did I understand why, but it kind of downgraded my opinion from decent to all right. Even though the premise is ridiculous, I can't help but give credit to the filmmakers for doing something that's new, even though it's based on a book. The screenplay by Seth-Grahame-Smith, who also did the book, is all right, nothing special. The action is pretty good, but most of them look off. The scares are not effective, and the plot has been done before. The twists in here are very predictable, one of the villains could've been better. While the make-up on Abraham Lincoln is pretty good, but the make-up on Mary Todd looks laughably bad. Some of the characters could've been handled better and the film gets silly ah the end. There's some good thrills, but it doesn't matter as Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter could've been better, but the execution of it was subpar.

Scott S (ag) wrote: Automaton Transfusion (2007) -- [2.0] -- Ultra-low budget horror flick ($30,000) shot by first-time film school graduates in Orlando. On one hand, it's remarkable that a group of kids could throw together such an ambitious, action-filled zombie apocalypse movie. On the other hand, did it have to be so awful? The writer/director openly admits in the DVD commentary track that he despises things like plot, character development, and dialogue, and boy does it show! "Automaton Transfusion" suffers from acute attention deficit disorder. Zombies jump into frame no less than every three or four minutes to tear someone apart. There's no tension, no suspense, no mystery, no emotion -- just low-rent gore effects and an appallingly tenacious use of shaky cam. It's busily boring and painful to endure. Somehow, I made it to the end, which is only an end in that the credits roll. There's no resolution to the story, just a "to be continued" card. I sincerely hope it's an empty promise. [I'd have given this movie a 1.0, but I reserve that lowest of low ratings primarily for sasquatch porn and Casper Van Dien flicks.]

Mark R (fr) wrote: Great story about friends and friendship - what friends will do for each other. Everyone should have friends like that.

Brandon W (ag) wrote: American History X is directed by Tony Kaye, and it stars Edward Norton and Edward Furlong in a drama film about 2 brothers where one is already a neo-Nazi who got out of prison, and another who is turning into one and is walking in his brother's footsteps. I honestly didn't get to see the original version as I got the edited one in high school, so I'm not gonna see about how brutal it was. Even so for what I watch of it, American History X is a fantastic film that really did a good job of making me feel sorry for a neo-Nazi. Edward Norton give a fantastic performance that I'm glad that he got nominated, even though I wished that he was the winner. Edward Furlong does a great job too as a kid actor, and I like the characters, even if they are complete jerks in this. The writing by David McKenna is well written, and even if it was edited, there are some brutal moments in this still that are a bit hard to watch. I did like that it's about two brothers as I got to know a lot about them two, especially with their conversations as they have good chemistry as brothers. If I get to watch it American History X again but the original version this time, I'll definitely watch it again.

Rod D (br) wrote: A couple of floosies! Lol. Good stuff.

DiZY S (br) wrote: John Cryer is fantastic.

Giovanni D (ru) wrote: William Lustig's brutal revenge film is highlighted by awesome acting by Robert Forster and Fred Williamson and some shocking ultra-violence. A gre4at choice for fans of Death Wish type films. This might be Lustig's best film (yes, better even than Maniac).

John B (gb) wrote: I can't decide whether this was supposed to be taken seriously even when it was made. Whatever the answer it's a very watchable film. Especially if you like cheesy movies. Which I do!

Nicholas C (kr) wrote: Sequel is almost as good as the original. The French setting is good, and the addiction plotline is great.

Bobby D (jp) wrote: Universal movie monsters go-to-war to fight Nazis! This film is begging for an absurd remake. Playing to the home front crowd early in WW2 it borrows it's cues from Bugs Bunny and makes the Nazis neafrious buffoons. The acting is very bland and you can almost see throught it. (ouch) The efx are pretty decent, but the lead actor apparently hired for his good looks (who they turn invisible for most of the picture) not his acting ability. The plots plods along. One really cool scene though when the film opens looks like it was the inspired "Nazi tortures somebody/anybody for secrets" scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Not a great Halloween flick. Stick to the original if you want scary stuff.

Andrew N (mx) wrote: For some reason I expected this to be a happier film, but often clown stories are sad ones. Tito and Simon have a very entertaining clown show. They find an abandoned young girl and Tito (Lon Chaney) decides to raise her with the show. Simonetta (Loretta Young) grows up and falls for a rich guys who helps her one day and they're married. This saddens Tito, who himself has fallen for Simonetta. That's the part that disturbs me the most. Not only is Tito 30 years older, but he was the one who raised her. It turned me off a bit. Apparently there is an alternate ending that was filmed for this movie that no longer exists. I heard that this was common and the theater could choose which ending to show it's patrons. Based on the rest of the tone of this movie, I think the current ending is the better one. There were a couple serious stunts in this movie and I'm not sure if Lon Chaney did his own stunts, but I was impressed. I was lucky to see this with the musical score composed by H. Scott Salinas in 2002. It was excellent and matched the film well. This may not be one of the great silent films, but I am glad I was able to catch this rarely seen gem on TCM (Turner Classic Movies).

Caitlin M (gb) wrote: This movie had important but often overlooked or overdone portrayal of the horrors of being a teenage delinquent and the crimes that can be done to children under the guis e of reformation.

Larry C (ca) wrote: Very Clever writing by Zoe Kazan