Kinichi and Akiko meet when they visit their fathers in prison. After successfully gambling on a bicycle race, they spend an enjoyable day together at the beach. Akiko, who tries to make money as an artist's model to pay for her mother's medical expenses, now has to find 100,000 yen to pay off the company from which her father embezzled. Kinichi also requires 100,000 yen as bail for his father, who is accused of election fraud. Kinichi tries to borrow 100,000 yen from his mother, whom he has not seen for three years.

Kinichi and Akiko meet when they visit their fathers in prison. After successfully gambling on a bicycle race, they spend an enjoyable day together at the beach. Akiko, who tries to make ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Claire B (ru) wrote: It's a tear jerker! There were some scenes that required us to assume previous events had occurred without it making it clear. other than this, I found it to be quite powerful. Read Great Expecations first, if possible.

Scott R (ag) wrote: Great acting, horrible story. It had potential, but it was ruined by Megan Fox's real wings. This novelty was so absurd that it undermined the believability of Rourke's motivation to pursue her. I think this was a mistake for all involved to have been a party to. I don't think Fox even recognizes her participation. I'm still not sold on Rourke, he's just not my cup of tea. Murray on the other hand always charms.

Jason G (ca) wrote: Slightly better screenplay than the human-acted movies.

Brian B (mx) wrote: It's about the birds.

Chris S (nl) wrote: The most quotable movie evaaar.

Robert C (ca) wrote: This movie should have been a lot better than it was. The weakness was in direction or a lack of character development. Most of the boys were one dimensional and interchangeable. The exceptions were Kevin Phillips as Dre and Evan Ross as Reggie.. Dre was a one note character. but he was the rebel so he was distinguishable from three of the other characters Evan Ross showed nuance and skill as a teen with a speech impediment. Unfortunately, Mr. Howard's Jim is a weakness. He delivers every line as if it's life altering wisdom instead of a natural conversational tone. Bernie Mac continues his run of tough exterior characters with gooey centers ably. However the swimming sequences were exciting and filmed well. Last, but not least, Nate Parker's disappearing and reappearing tattoos drove m to distraction. They would be in one shot and gone the next.

Nicki M (ca) wrote: Okay movie. I had not seen this before. I guess for me the main problem was the two main characters were both married to other people and both mature and frumpy enough to know better. He's a construction worker dad of two and she's a housewife who is not working as she needs to be available for her ailing father. Neither of their spouses are awful or treat them badly, where you could even understand why they might stray. Both spouses are also unremarkable, dull, just like our two leads. I didn't buy the connection between the two at all. Not to say the acting is bad, it's not at all, they just don't make a convincing pair. This just feels very based towards a late 30's up market, but I'm now there myself and also married "forever" and I can't even relate to the pair of them. I can't see either what was so bad in their current partners, or what was so great about the pair of them. Okay tv viewing, but definitely Meryl has done better.

Lee M (us) wrote: At the end of "Daniel" we know that some emotionally careless parents left behind some emotionally crippled children. We suspect, oddly, that spy secrets and charges of subversion were not really relevant to the damage done to the children. But alas, I don't think that was the movie's intention

Adam J (de) wrote: There was only one actor in the movie that could act. The camera techniques at times are shocking, the inmate trying to rip off Hannibal lector was shocking and should never ever be hired for anything again! even advertising, the idea that, the asylum was built a few years ago is ridiculous as the halls are really really old.... and built on the Amityville horror house, why I carried on watching I don't know, I was probably just curious as to how much worse this film could be!! having reached the end I found myself writing this to warn both watchers and anyone thinking of hiring any of the cast apart from the Russian guy or the little girl ghost!! would be fools!!! terrible film!! shocking that it was allowed by amityville to even go ahead let alone bare the name!!