Kissing Cousins

Kissing Cousins

A "relatively" romantic comedy about a professional heartbreaker (and cynical bachelor) who teams up with his attractive cousin from the UK in order to fool his friends into believing he is capable of a relationship. Hijinks and laughs ensue with a hilarious cast!

"A hard-hearted bachelor, working as a "relationship termination specialist," fools his friends into believing he iscapable of a relationship by enlisting the help of his charming and attractive cousin. Complications ensue." . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Kissing Cousins torrent reviews

Jesse Y (mx) wrote: Wouldn't mind that it's a rip off of Spinal Tap, if they didn't steal EVERY joke from Spinal Tap!!! The songs are amazing, though...

WS W (kr) wrote: Wayne Wang's hands-on subject about cultural conflicts between East & West. Sounds so out-of-date stereotype however.

Juls XD H (kr) wrote: mm well i guess that was so hard to adapt a big book the biggest of literary saga but i admit, i loved luna! one of the best characters of harry potter

Bronwyn V (mx) wrote: Very surprising movie, we all really enjoyed it

James R (ca) wrote: Best Exorcist film since the original.

Justin R (br) wrote: I am a huge Will Ferrell fan but not this one. This one is terrible. I mean this is just pitiful. Not a funny line in the entire piece, and Mike Ditka is the lowest point. I am not a fan of Kicking and Screaming, at all.

Stanislas G (kr) wrote: un petit western sans intrt avec un steve Mc Queen fatigu malgrs un excellent supens dans les dernires minutes

Hector C (ag) wrote: nada mal de chico super listo a un agente de la CIA