Kissing My Sister

Teen brother and sister who rarely get to see each other fall in love with one another one summer.

Teen brother and sister who rarely get to see each other fall in love with one another one summer

Kissing My Sister is a excited movies torrent of N/A. This movie was introduced in 2000. You can check list actors in this movie torrents, for example Florian Heiden, Alexandra Schalaudek, August Zirner, Christian Wunderlich, Friederike Wagner, Vanessa Jung, Stefan Born, Ulrike Arnold, Thomas Czerniejewski, Ursula Gottwald, Barbara Lanz. The kind of movie are Drama. The rating is 6.2 in www.imdb.com. We have a good movie to watch. Share this movies torrent to support us . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Users reviews

adam n (es)

Words can't describe how good it is

Cassandra M (ag)

Tying up the loose ends of the series, the film isn't tense enough or emotionally impacting enough to be worth a look unless you are really already into the characters but it is an interesting way to bring things to an end - with restraint and tragedy rather than excess. Overall then an effective and enjoyable film if you love the series and the characters; an interesting one if you have seen the first two films and a pointless one if you are looking to join in at the last minute. Again I didn't think much of the use of Chen but Wong and Tsang are both solid in their small returns. Outside of these two the rest of the cast are pretty good. Leung is good again but his scenes don't seem as relevant or as interesting within this film - again it is probably to do with the lack of emotional buy-in I felt with his character; his performance is natural and engaging though. Lau is perhaps partly to blame for this because I thought he was buttoned a bit too tight - it was understandable in some regards but the third film should have been the point where he shows more of a breakdown (which he does, but again it is events rather than emotion). I quite liked this but must confess that this film still didn't do a great job of bringing out the characters that well and it is more the events and revelations that kept me interested rather than an emotional buy-in with the characters. There is action but mostly it is the Ming's ongoing struggle with who he is that the film pays most attention to. It does ask you to pay attention but it rewards you if you do and have been. If you are into the characters and the parallels with the original film then it is worth seeing because it does do it pretty well. With the third film the focus was very much on the characters rather than the tension - with the fate of Ming being the modern thread that holds the film together. Personally I thought the first film was an enjoyable cop thriller but I didn't think it was brilliant or developed characters that well but the tension was great. The downside of this is of course that if you are not a fan you might find this hard to follow along with (and if you have not seen the first film then just forget it totally). In doing this it marks itself out as one that is aimed at the fans rather than being just out for money. The first sequel was a prequel so part III was left to pick up afterwards while also going back over the original film and filling in more detail. Where Scorsese's recent version of Infernal Affairs all the loose ends pretty much got tied up during the film whereas with the original we were left with an open (but much more emotionally impacting) conclusion

David S (us)

retty let down by this. Even some of the acting was bad and felt very forced. It's so cliched and the writing isn't good. It tried way too hard and the story jumps around so much. I was excited for this film and was left extremely disappointed

Jei P (nl)

misery loves company, yet the misery shared can mend the broken

Jessica J (jp)

Considering that I'm really not fond of Julianne Nicholson on Law & Order: Criminal Intent, it was nice to see her play a different role, and one that was actually likable. It's a very sweet and realistic story. Wasn't quite sure what to expect from this but I was pleasantly surprised

Larry S (gb)

"Cuz ain't no such thing as HALF WAY CROOKS!"

Michael K (it)

great costume designs, sadist happenings and gothic landscapes. lesbian vampires in psychedelic french romp

Stephen L (kr)

they really need to make more of this series. seems very inspired by the fallout series. i really liked this movie though i had never heard of it before

Thomas C (fr)

ot as good as first one. Good movie

Tushad C (mx)

The music does come at some tear jerking moments. Shilpa Shetty & Katrina Kaif provide useful character roles. However, a film with the 3 Deols can only promise a whole load of fireworks in the end. The Music is good and the plot line could have been better. Dharmendra playes a disgraced boxer who attempts to clear his name by making boxers out of his own two sons ( Sunny Deol & Bobby Deol)