Kitty Killers

Kitty Killers


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Tommy H (ag) wrote: Decent comedy - nothing special

Ajay N (gb) wrote: Hugely entertaining than lot of movies with some breathtaking camerawork....Loved every second of it....

Richard M (mx) wrote: I kind of enjoyed this film - it was interesting and engaging and though not great by any means, it was better than a lot of stuff released to theatre

Keith T (br) wrote: Fairly average WW2 action pic, but with the interesting twist that it attempts to portray one of the operations Ian Fleming ran before inventing James Bond. I didn't think Danny Dyer was going to make for a good Fleming and he doesn't - he's one of the rough diamonds who joins Fleming's Commandoes and he's quite good as that. The film is fairly reminiscent of The Heroes Of Telemark ( Commandoes, Norway, lots of snow).

Gary M (mx) wrote: Pretty good. Good action and not a bad storyline. Not bad fighting and some good jokes in there too.

Maya D (es) wrote: Possibly one of the funniest movies ever...and that's from someone who usually can't stand Sandra Bullock! This movie is very funny, very entertaining. ..perfect movie for a girls' night! :)

Christopher B (ca) wrote: Fun teen flick on how *easy* it is to be successful. Incredible supporting cast!

Luke L (us) wrote: What I thought about Jurassic Park. It is so awesome the special effects hold up a bit, but what I'm really looking at is the character development it was handled really neatly by director Steven Spielberg, but my favorite scene is with the t-rex really great movie but the sequels suck alot.

Don B (au) wrote: This is an overlooked gem. Frustrating and even difficult to watch at times, it is quirky and complex and has some riveting performances by a cast of very gifted actors. Very strong stuff and how one calls in a comedy is anyone's guess.

Andrew J (nl) wrote: This is mostly just a guy talking on a radio show and it's amazing. It's very fast paced, very funny and thrilling, and has a powerful ending.

Zachary M (jp) wrote: It's nice to see bigfoot doesn't have to be a deranged killer to be in a movie, but being a piece loving E.T. knock off my not have been the way to go. The costume is very well crafted, except for the head. The head and face will give you nightmares.

Johan A (nl) wrote: Mycket bra John Ford-vstern nr han r som allra mest avslappnad. Vackert foto, fina skdespelarinsatser och massor av musik av Sons of the Pioneers upphjer en ganska enkel berttelse om en grupp mormoner p frd genom Arizona till nn sorts bildpoesi.

Sam M (mx) wrote: Convinces you to not go on as much as to go on. Sobering, quite impressive.

Philip H (br) wrote: This is a story about fathers and sons. I think that we flawed human fathers do, or at least should, have a deep desire to see our sons become better men than we are. That's what this film is about. Road to Perdition has a great cast anchored by two legends of cinema, one at the end of his career, and another still in his prime. The cinematography captures the period of the early 1930's, and Thomas Newman's beautiful and melancholy score weaves it all together. A masterpiece.

James C (au) wrote: Beautifully charming film from writer/director/star Jacques Tati in his second appearance as M. Hulot. Tati is the "uncle" of a boy who lives in an ultra modern Paris home. The visual & sound gags are delightful as M. Hulot causes disruption and chaos within the modern home, at the factory or even on the street. Film is mostly visual and dialog is almost insignificant. A delight and a classic!

Lisa A (ag) wrote: Most excellent movie. Matt Damon did an amazing acting job. I was afraid it was going to be like The other space movie with Sandra B. Which I hated. I like movies that are at least believable - this one nailed that.

Achilles P (fr) wrote: If you're an empty headed movie critic who is more concerned about film-making than content, I can understand why you would think this movie is slow and uninspiring. If, however, you are an intelligent person interested in history, politics and some good war scenes, this will be one of your top picks. It is a truly remarkable recreation of the events leading to the attack on Pearl Harbor, and the attack itself. It was made at a time when the people in the film were young enough to actually remember the attack, and some actually lived through it. The Japanese scenes really give a sense of history and culture that I don't think you can find in any other American film. Perhaps this is why the film was a much bigger hit in Japan than in the USA when it was released. Tora, Tora, Tora deserves its place in the pantheon of WWII movies.